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Formatted by: Epiphany - thanks!

The following is a guide compiled to help keep you safe with your journey and travels on d2jsp, always remember that the internet can be a dangerous place.

I. Outside Links & Phishing
II. How to Remove Keyloggers & Spyware
III. How to Remove RootKits
IV. Risks and Prevention
V. 'My account was hacked and actions were taken on it!'
VI. How to Prevent Getting Keylogged - International Languages
VII. d2jsp Does Not Have Ads!

I. Outside Links & Phishing:
Originally by KillTerry and bullet886. Updated by Fault

Any outside link that requires you to use your d2jsp account and password or personal information is a scam to steal your account or identity.
A phishing website, is a website that looks very similar to a normal one, but has a suspicious and invalid URL address (another way to steal account and personal information).


Please do not quote the post including the link, or any other form of reposting the link on d2jsp, and complete the step above as soon as possible.

The following are valid d2jsp links (URL addresses):

The possibilities are endless. Just use common sense and don't click on unauthorized outside links. NEVER use your d2jsp account and password to log into another site.

II. How to Remove Keyloggers & Spyware:
    After completing the steps of removal, remember to change all passwords for EVERYTHING - never use simple passwords.
    If you bought something during that time with a credit card, make sure to call the company ASAP to double check if there have been any purchases made.

The best way to remove them is to reformat your computer:

    Step 1: Insert your operating system's CD in your computer and restart your PC.
    Step 2: Follow the reformatting steps and it will be done in a few moments.

You can also remove them with anti-virus software or you can use a website that will allow you to scan specific file(s). The following tools are free and will remove the majority of all viruses:

Remember, all of these anti-virus software are free, therefore they may not be the best available - however they will remove the majority of all infections.
Purchasable versions are always an alternative if you have the funds and highly recommended.

III. How to Remove RootKits:
By ShadowFiend

    gmer (anti-rootkit)

      Link to download:

      Steps to use:
      1. When you download gmer.exe, it will have a randomly named EXE
      2. Open it and it will automatically start doing a quick scan, let it finish
      3. When the quick scan is done, the rootkits should show up in red
      4. Rightclick the rootkits and you can select delete/disable the service, delete the file or kill process.

IV. Risks and Prevention:
By Federation and ShadowFiend. Updated by Fault

The Risks:

    Virus: A computer virus is a computer program that can copy itself and infect a computer without permission or knowledge of the user.
    Trojans: Trojans are programs that install themselves or run on the victims machine. They do not install or run automatically, but may trick a user to install or run the infected file/program.
    Worms: A computer worm is a self-replicating computer program, similar to a computer virus. A virus attaches itself to, and becomes part of, another executable program however, a worm is self-contained and does not need to be part of another program to propagate itself. They are often designed to exploit the file transmission capabilities found on many computers.
    Spyware: Spyware is computer software that collects personal information about users without their informed approval. Personal information is secretly recorded with a variety of techniques, including logging keystrokes, recording Internet web browsing history, and scanning documents on the computer's hard disk.
    Keyloggers: Keystroke logging (a lot of the time called keylogging) is a diagnostic tool used in software development that captures the user's keystrokes. Keyloggers are widely available on the Internet [so be very careful and can be used by private parties to spy on the computer usage of others.
    RootKits: Software that enables continued privileged access to a computer while actively hiding its presence from administrators

The idea is to prevent YOU from getting any of the above!


    1. When using emails, don't open any unnecessary attachments, and avoid reading emails with pictures. Don't follow any links to websites that you don't know.
    2. Avoid downloading wares or using crack software these are often full of trojans and spyware and not only are they ILLEGAL.
    3. Always read file extensions, a simple text file might turn out to be a alwful trojan. .txt, .csv, .gif, .jpg, .mp3 files are safe but .doc, .xls, .exe, and even .htm can all carry harmfull risks.
    4. Don't accept files threw msn/aim or any other messenger, especially zipped or rar files these can carry viruses.
    5. Always keep a backup of all important data.
    6. Remember viruses can spread through networks so keep your COMPLETE network clean.
    7. Don't ever skip a virus scan their scheduled for a reason.


The First thing for protecting yourself is with a firewall, they are a security device which is made to permit, deny or proxy data connections set and configured by the organization's security policy. They disable the transmission of data without the users permission as well as stop an unauthorized user gaining access to your computer.

Windows has a firewall, but it's basic and cannot detect some things. That is the reason why we use real firewalls.
Check the following:

There are A LOT more than this, if you browse http://www.download.cnet.com/ you will find many more.


Just because you have a firewall, don't think for a second that you're completely safe. Firewalls block a lot of things but for the things that do get into your computer, you're going to need a spyware program that can kill the spyware on your system.

Things like spyware are obtained from a range of sources including emails, and websites; especially adult ones. Below is a list of spyware to destroy these nasty files.
Check the following:


Now that you have 2 of the 3 components to protect your computer, lets get the final important component. Anti-Virus's!
Check the following:

Once you have all these, your computer is protected. You SHOULDN'T get any virus's and if you do, scan your computer often and you should pick those virus's up.
It's important to scan at least once a week, most have the option to set how frequent it scans.

V. My account was hacked and actions were taken on it

Your account safety is your responsibility. Do not blame anyone else for any actions taken on your account.
Just because you personally may not have broken the rules, doesn't mean that you'll get an easy break.

Please follow the instructions below to ensure the fastest and easiest way to remove the actions that were taken:

If you got warned:

1. Click on your warn percentage
2. Check your last warn and the date you received it
3. Wait the stated amount of time and request removal when available

If you got Locked / Scammer tagged:

Read all the stickies and then post in the Why Am I Locked? section.

Forum gold was taken from your account:

Check your Gold Logs and post in the Scammer Accusation forum after reading all of the important stickies

Note: You will probably not get your fg back however, Moderators will provide further help with your issue.
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Sep 5 2011 01:12pm
VI. How To Prevent Getting Keylogged
By RamasseTonDrum

There are 19 languages for this guide:
גרסה בעברית
이 따라야 하 규칙


English Version:
Updated by Fault

Your d2jsp account is under your responsibility. If you loose anything such as items or forum gold, they will not be refunded. Also, if there are any actions taken on your account, such as warn or scammer tag, you'll have to remove them yourself just like anyone else.

Here are some basic guidelines that you should follow:
* Do not register your d2jsp account with an email that you frequently use. Use an email address that you do not use on any other website, also use one that does not give your nickname or your real name.
* Use a complex password with special characters and require your fg password in order to log in. Something such as:
JspAccount // 1986 -Is not a good password. Use special characters and don't include personal information, JspAccount // tr_34@r;~85-
* Do not use any Third Party Programs. These include: Map Hack, Bots, etc. You can easily get a trojan/keylogger while downloading these.
* Do not use your d2jsp password on any other website/forum.
* Scan your computer everyday
* Do not give your password to any one!


Version Française:
Par RamasseTonDrum

Vous êtes responsables de vos comptes d2jsp, c'est à dire que si vous perdez votre compte, ce n'est pas dû à une faille de d2jsp.

Quelques conseils très importants pour conserver votre compte en toute sécurité :

* N'utilisez pas votre adresse msn comme adresse sur d2jsp. Si c'est le cas, changez cela immédiatement.Utilisez une adresse avec laquelle vous ne vous êtes enregistré sur AUCUN AUTRE SITE, de préférence une adresse qui n'a rien à voir avec votre nom ou votre pseudo.
john // nhoj c'est pas un pass efficace. Un exemple de pass efficace serait : John // dezZr3z@o2~
* N'utilisez pas de maphacks, bots etc. C'est la première source de trojans/keyloggers pour les joueurs de d2.
* N'utilisez pas le meme password que celui de d2jps sur un autre site.
* Scannez régulièrement votre ordinnateur avec un bon antivirus.
* Ne donnez jamais votre pass à qui que ce soit, et attentions aux petits frères qui peuvent faire n'importe quoi avec votre compte!


Dansk Version:
By Balakai

Din d2jsp account er dit ansvar. I så fald du mister din account, vil d2jsp ikke refundere dit fg eller diablo items (WoW, Silkroad etc.)

Her er nogle retningslinjer, som du bør følge:

* Brug ikke din MSN/AiM adresse, når du registrerer på d2jsp. Hvis du har registreret med den, skal du ændre email straks.Brug en email, som du ikke bruger på andre websider, og brug en som ikke afslører dit kælenavn eller dit rigtige navn.
john // nhoj Er ikke et godt kodeord. Her kan du se et eksempel på et godt kodeord: John // dezZr3z@o2~
* Anvend ikke tredje parts software, Map Hack, Bots eller lign. Du kan få en Trojan/keylogger, når du downloader disse hacks.
* Brug ikke dit d2jsp kodeord på andre websider/fora.
* Scan din computer hver uge/måned.
* Giv ikke dit kodeord ud til andre, og pas på at din bror eller søster ikke får adgang til din account!


Nederlandse Versie:
Gemaakt door richburg

Je d2jsp account is je eigen verantwoordelijkheid, dus als je die verliest, zal D2jsp je niet terug betalen in Forum gold of Diablo 2 items. (of items in andere spelletjes).

Hier volgen een paar regeltjes :

* Post je MSN of AIM adres niet op D2jsp. Als je dit al eens gedaan hebt, NU VERANDEREN!.Gebruik een email die je op geen een andere website gebruikt, het is verstandig om er een te gebruiken die niet je echte naam bevat of je nickname.
john // nhoj Is geen verstandig wachtwoord. Hier volgt een voorbeeld van een verstandig wachtwoord : John // dezZr3z@o2~
* Gebruik geen 3rd Party Hack Software, Map Hack, Bots en/of andere downloads. Je kunt een trojan/Keylogger krijgen door dit soort programma's te downloaden.
* Gebruik je D2jsp wachtwoord nooit op een andere website/Forum.
* Scan je computer vaak op virussen/trojans/keyloggers. Het liefst elke week.
* Geef je wachtwoord aan niemand, en pas op voor kleine broertjes/zusjes of vrienden die dingen met je account kunnen doen!


Deutsche Version:
Von thomahawk

Da ihr selbst für euren d2jsp-Account verantwortlich seid, ist d2jsp nicht für den Verlust von Forum Gold oder Items verantwortlich und wird daher keine Verluste zurückerstatten.

Daher solltet ihr diese Regeln beachten:

* Verwendet euren MSM/AIM Account-Namen nicht bei d2jsp. Wenn dies der Fall ist, ändert es umgehend. Benutzt eine Adresse, mit der ihr bei keiner anderen Seite angemeldet seid und die nichts über euren echten oder imaginären Namen verrät.
john / nhoj ist kein gutes Passwort. Hier seht ihr ein voebildliches Passwort: john // dezZr3z@o2~
* Verwendet keine sogenannte "3rd Party Hack Software". Dies sind Programme, durch die ihr euch einen Vorteil verschafft, wie z.b. Map Hack, Bots und andere.
* Verwendet euer d2jsp-Passwort auf keiner anderen Seite.
* Überprüft euren Computer wöchentlich / monatlich auf Viren oder sonstige unerwünschte Dateien.
* Verratet keinem euer Passwort. Man achte besonders auf kleinere Brüder die alles mögliche mit eurem Account anstellen könnten.


Magyar változat:
By Sup3RN0Va-tól

A d2jsp-s accountod a saját felelőséged, szóval ha elveszted, a d2jsp nem tudja visszafizetni az fg-et vagy diablo-s cuccaidat (WoW, Silkroad, stb...).

Van egy pár tanács amit érdemes követned :

* Ne használj MSN/AIM-et d2jsp-n. Ha ezt teszed, változtasd meg azonnal.Használj olyan email-t amelyet semmilyen más honalpon nem használsz, ugyanakkor olyat használj amely nem adja meg a becenevedet vagy az igazi nevedet.
john // nhojEz egy helytelen jelszó. Egy elfogadható jelszó így néz ki : John // dezZr3z@o2~
* Ne használj semmilyen hack programot, Map Hacket, Botokat és mást. Könnyen kaphatsz egy Trójait/Keyloggert miközben letöltöd ezeket a "Csalásokat".
* Semmilyen más weboldalon/fórumon ne használd a d2jsps jelszavadat.
* Futtass le minimum egy vírusírtót minden héten/hónapban.
* Senkinek ne add meg a jelszavadat, vigyázz a kistestvéreddel, aki bármit megtehet az accountoddal!


Version Español:
By Hevial

Tu cuenta de d2jsp esta bajo tu responsabilidad, asi que si pierdes tu cuenta, d2jsp no te devolvera tu fg o tus items de diablo(WoW, Silkroad y mas).

Aqui ahi unas reglas que puedes seguir:

* No uses tu MSN/AIM en D2jsp. Si tu haces esto, cambialo ahora.Usa otro email que no uses en otra pagina web, tambien usa una que no de tu sobrenombre o tu nombre real.
john // nhoj No es una contraseña buena. Aqui puedes ver una contraseña buena : John // dezZr3z@o2~
* No uses ningun 3rd Party Hack Software, Map Hack, Bots u otros. Tu puedes obtener un trojan/Keylogger mientras te bajas estos "Hack".
* No uses tu contraseña de d2jsp en ninguna otra pagina web/Foro.
* Scanea tu computadora cada semana/mes.
* No des tu contraseña a nadie, cuidado de tu hermano pequeño que puede hacer lo que sea con tu cuenta!


Polska wersja:
By ozizu

Twoje konto to Twoja odpowiedzialność, więc jeśli stracisz konto, d2jsp nie zrefunduje Twoich fg ani żadnych przedmiotów z diablo 2 lub innych gier (WoW, Silkroad i innych).
Przestrzegaj następujących zasad:

* Nie używaj MSN/AIM/GG/TLENU/MAILI w profilu na D2jsp. Jeśli już masz je tam zapisane - zmień to!Używaj innego adresu e-mail, którego nie używasz na żadnej innej stronie, jednocześnie pamiętaj by w jego nazwie nie było Twojego imienia/nicka.
janek // kenaj to nie jest dobre hasło. Używaj cyfr, znaków dodatkowych i liter różnej wielkości : Janek // dEzZr3z@O2~
* Nie używaj żadnych hacków, maphacków, botów ani innych dodatkowych programów, które mają Ci ułatwić grę. Często dołączone do nich są trojany/keyloggery, które uruchamiają się wraz ze ściągnietym programem.
* Nie używaj tego samego hasła na d2jsp i innych stronach/forach/mailach.
* Skanuj swój komputer antywirusem i antyspywarem co tydzień/miesiąc.
* Nigdy, nikomu nie dawaj swojego hasła. Bądź ostrożny nawet wobec najbardziej zaufanych osób, one również mogą zrobić wszystko z Twoim kontem!


Italian Version:
By sverza_power

Il tuo account di d2jsp è sotto la tua responsabilita',quindi se perdi il tuo account , d2jsp Non rimborsera' i tuoi fg o gli oggetti di diablo (WoW, Silkroad etc).

Ci sono alcune regole che potete seguire :

* Non usare l'indirizzo di MSN/AIM. Se lo hai fatto,cambialo subito.usa un altro indirizzo email che non usi in qualunque altro sito web,in oltre, usane uno che non sia il tuo nickname o il tuo nome reale.
john // nhoj Non è una buona password. un esempio di una buona password puo' essere questo: John // dezZr3z@o2~
* Non usare alcun Hack Software, Map Hack, Bots o altro. potresti trovare dei trojan/keylogger mentre scarichi questi.."hacks"
* Non usare la tua password di d2jsp in nessun altro website/forum.
* Fai una scansione del tuo pc ogni settimana/mese.
* Non dare la tua password a nessuno, nemmeno al fratello piu' piccolo , che potrebbe fare qualcosa col tuo account!


Превод на Бьлгарски език:
By Tosho

Вашият акаунт за d2jsp е под вашата отговорност, така че ако вие сте изгубили вашият акаунт, d2jsp не ще възстанови вашото fg или предмети на Диабло (на Diablo (WoW , Silkroad и други).

Има някои правила, които вие можете да следвате:
Не използвайте вашия MSN / AIM на D2jsp. Ако вие правите това , променете го веднага. Използвайте друг имейл които Вие не използвате на който и да е друг уебсайт, използвате също така едно, което не дава вашия прякор или вашето истинско име.
*ИЗПОЛЗВАЙТЕ ИСТИНСКАТА СИ ПАРОЛА!!! john // nhoj Не е добра парола. Тук вие можете да видите добра парола: John / /dezZr3z@o2
* Не използвай 3rd Party Hack Software, мap hack, ботове и други . Вие можете да получите троянец / Keyloggеr докато сваляте този "Hack".
* Не използвай твоята парола за d2jsp за който и да е друг уебсайт/форум
* Сканирайте вашия компютър всяка седмица/месец.
* Не давай твоята парола на които и да е, да се пази от вашия по малък брат, който може да прави каквото и да е във вашият акаунт.

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Versiunea Romana:
De Serj_Tankian

Contul tau d2jsp este responsabilitatea ta, iar daca iti pierzi contul, d2jsp nu iti restituie banii de forum (fg) sau echipamente de diablo (WoW, Silkroad si mai multe).

Iata cateva reguli pe care le poti urma:

* Nu iti utiliza identitatea MSN/AIM pe D2jsp. Daca faci acest lucru, schimba modul de actiune acum.Utilizeaza un alt cont de e-mail pe care nu il utilizezi pe oricare alt site de internet, deasemenea utilizeaza unul care nu iti da numele de cont sau cel real.
john // nhoj nu este o parola buna. Aici poti vedea o parola buna: John // dezZr3z@o2~
* Nu utilizati nici un Program Nepermis de Bnet, Map Hack, Boti sau altele. Puteti instala programe tip troian/keylogger in timp ce faceti download la aceste Programe Nepermise de Bnet.
* Nu utilizati parola d2jsp pe nici un alt site de internet/forum.
* Scanati calculatorul in fiecare saptamana/luna.
* Nu va dati parola la nimeni, fereste-te de fratele mai mic ce poate face orice cu contul tau.


Svensk Version:
Av Ante0

Ditt d2jsp konto är ditt eget ansvar, så om du förlorar ditt konto så ger inte d2jsp tillbaka förlorad fg eller diablo föremål (WoW, Silkroad och mer).

Det finns några regler som du kan följa :

* Använd inte ditt MSN/AIM på D2jsp. Om du gör det, ändra det på en gång! Använd en annan email som du inte använder på någon annan webbsida, använd inte heller en som är ditt nick eller riktiga namn.
john // nhoj är inte ett bra lösenord. Här är ett bra lösenord: John // dezZr3z@o2~
* Använd aldrig några 3rd Party Hack Mjukvaror, Map Hack, Bots och annat. De kan ge dig en trojan/Keylogger när du laddar ner dessa "Hacks".
* Använd inte ditt D2jsp lösenord på någon annan webbsida/Forum.
* Skanna din dator efter virus varje vecka/månad.
* Ge aldrig ut ditt lösenord till någon, akta dig för din lillebror som kan göra vad han vill med ditt konto!


Versão Portuguesa:
By kebramar

A sua conta do d2jsp é da sua responsabilidade. Se a perder, o d2jsp não lhe devolverá o seu fg ou os seus items do Diablo (WoW, Silkroad ou outro).

Exitem algumas directrizes (rules) que pode seguir:

* Não use o seu MSN/AIM no d2jsp. Se o fizer, mude-o agora.Use um email que não use noutros websites. Use também, um que não forneça a sua alcunha (nickname) ou o seu nome real.
Joao // oaoj, não é uma boa palavra-chave. De seguida, pode ver um exemplo, de uma boa palavra-chave: Joao // dezZr3z@o2~.
* Não use nenhum 3rd Party Hack Software, Map Hack, Bots ou outro. Pode ficar com um trojan, keylogger enquanto faz o download destes "hacks".
* Não use a sua palavra-chave do d2jsp noutro website ou forum.
* Faça um scan ao seu computador todas/os as/os semanas/meses.
* Não dê a sua palavra-chave a ninguem. Tenha cuidado com o seu irmão que pode fazer qualquer coisa à sua conta!


Slovenska verzija:
Prevedel FrozenSc

Vsak je odgovoren za svoj d2jsp račun, torej če ga zgubite, vam d2jsp nebo nikoli povrnil vaše forumsko zlato ali vaše Diablo 2, WoW ali ostale predmete.

Tukaj je nekaj pravil, ki jim je dobro sledit:

* Ne uporabljajte vaših MSN-jev ali AIM-ov na d2jsp strani, če pa jih uprorabljate ta trenutek, spremenite to zdaj.Uporabite drugi elektronsti naslov, ki ga ne uporabljate nikjer, priporočeno pa je tudi, da ne vsebuje vašega imena ali pravega imena.
* Uporabite REALNO KODO!!!
john // nhoj je primer slabe kode. Primer dobre kode je: John // dezZr3z@o2~
* Ne uporabljajte nobenih trikov ali goljufij kot so MapHack, Boti, itd. Z vlačenjem teh datotek lahko dobite trojanca ali še huje, lahko ste ob vse kode. Edina rešitev je formatiranje računalnika v tem primeru.
* Ne uporabljajte vaše d2jsp kode nikjer drugje.
* Skenirajte vaš računalnik vsak teden ali mesec.
* Ne dajajte vaše kode nobenemu, niti mlajšemu bratu, saj lahko dostopa do vsega, ter posledično lahko tudi dela vse.


Русская версия:
От Norlander

Ваш d2jsp-аккаунт находится под вашей ответственностью, если Вы потеряете его, d2jsp не станет возмещать потерянные fg или вещи в Diablo (WoW, Silkroad и др.)

Вот некоторые правила, которым Вы должны следовать:

* Не используйте ваши MSN/AIM-идентификаторы на d2jsp. Если Вы это делаете, немедленно смените.Используйте другой e-mail, который незадействован на любых сторонних сайтах, так же используйте такой, что не выдает Ваш никнэйм или настоящее имя.
* Используйте нормальный пароль!!!
john // nhoj не является таковым. Вот как выглядит хороший пароль : John // dezZr3z@o2~
* Не используйте сторонние хаки, как то : мапхак, ботов и др. Вы можете подхватить троян/кейлоггер загружая подобное ПО.
* Не используйте Ваш d2jsp-пароль на других сайтах/форумах.
* Проверяйте ваш компьютер на вирусы каждую неделю/месяц.
* Не давайте ваш пароль никому, даже младшему брату, который может что-либо сделать с Вашим аккаунтом!


Suomenkielinen versio:
Suomentanut Pidgeon

D2jsp tilisi on omalla vastuullasi. Jos menetät tilisi, D2jsp ei korvaa menetettyä "Forum Gold" määrää tai tilin menetyksestä mahdollisesti aiheutuvia Diablo tavaroiden menetyksiä (sama koskee myös muita pelejä kuten, World of Warcraft, Silkroad, jne).

Alla ohjeita tilisi turvallisuuden parantamiseksi :

* Älä käytä MSN/AIM tunnuksiasi täällä. Jos olet tähän asti käyttänyt niitä, poista ne heti. Käytä Email-osoitteenasi sellaista osoitetta, jota et käytä millään muulla internet sivustolla. Käytä myös sellaista Emailia, joka ei osoitteen yhteydessä vaadi käyttämään lempinimeäsi tai oikeaa nimeäsi.
john // nhoj on esimerkki huonosta salasanasta. Hyvä salasana on esimerkiksi : John // dezZr3z@o2~
* Älä käytä "3rd Party Hack" -ohjelmia kuten, Map Hack, erinäiset Bot:it, jne. Lataamalla ja asentamalla kyseisiä ohjelmia saatat altistaa oman tietokoneesi trojan/keylogger -tyyppisille viruksille.
* Älä käytä D2jsp tilisi salasanaa millään muulla internet sivustolla / foorumilla.
* Tee virusskannaus tietokoneellesi viikoittain / kuukausittain.
* Älä anna käyttämääsi salasanaa kenellekkään, äläkä päästä perheenjäseniäsi omalle tilillesi ilman valvontaa!


Tagalog Version:
By Mahal1109

Ang D2jsp Account ay sa inyong responsibilidad, kapag nawala ang inyong mga account, D2jsp ay hindi ibabalik ang inyong mga FG or mga Diablo bagay na nawala(WoW, Silkroad at iba pang mga laro)

Ito ang mga regularidad na kailangan nyong sundan:

* Wag nyong gamitin ang inyong MSN/AIM dito sa D2sjp, Pag ito ang ginawa nyo, palitan kaagad.Gumamin ng ibang email na hindi mo ginagagamit sa ibang website, at gamitin and pangalan na hindi gumagamit ng palayaw at inyong totoong pangalan.
John // nhoj ay nd magandang password na gamiting. Ito ang isang Example na tamang gamiting :John // dezZr3z@o2~
* Wag Gumamit ng ano mang mga Pangdaya sa laro, dahil may pagkakataong magkaroon ka ng trojan/keylogger, habang dinadownload mo ito.
* Wag Gamitin and inyong D2jsp Password sa ibang pa pang website or Forum.
* Gumamit kayo ng mga Virus Scan turing Lingo/Buanan
* Wag na wag mong ibibigay ang inyong informason kahit kanino. Hindi mo alam pag ang kapatid mo ay may gawing masama sa account mo.


Česká verze:
By Sobcz

Váš d2jsp účet je pod vaší zodpovědností, takže když ztratíte účet, d2jsp vám nenahradí fg nebo věci (WoW, Silkroad a více).

Tady jsou nějaká pravidla která by jste měli dodržovat :

* Nepoužívejte vaše MSN/AIM na D2jsp. Jestliže ano, hned to změňte.Použijte jiný emal, který nepoužíváte na žádné jiné stránce, také by v něm nemělo být obsažena vaše přezdívka nebo vaše jméno.
john // nhoj Není dobré heslo. Tady můžete vidět dobré heslo : John // dezZr3z@o2~
* Nepoužívejte žádný 3rd Party Hack Software, Map Hack, Bota a další. Může se k vám dostat trojan/Keylogger během stahování tohoto "Hacku".
* Nepožívejte vaše d2jsp heslo na žádné jiné stránce/fóru
* Scanujte svůj počítač každý týden/měsíc.
* Nikomu nedávejte svoje heslo, dejte si pozor na vašeho malého bratra který může udělat cokoliv s vaším účtem!


Hrvatska Verzija:

Tvoj d2jsp račun je pod tvojom odgovornošću, tako da ako izgubis svoj račun, d2jsp neće povratiti tvoj forum gold i tvoje Diablo 2 stvari (WoW, Slikroad itd..)

Ovo su neka pravila kojih se možeš pridržavati:

* Ne korisi MSN/AIM na D2jsp-u. Ako to imaš aktivirano promijeni to odmah. Koristi drugu e-mail adresu sa bilo koje druge web stranice, također ne koristi nijednu koja odaje tvoj nadimak ili pravo ime i prezime.
john//nhoj nije dobra lozinka. Ovdje možeš vidjeti dobar primjer lozinke: John // dezZr3z@o2~
* Ne koristi nikakav “3rd Party Hack Software”, Map Hack, Botove ili slično. Možeš se zaraziti trojanom/keyloggerom dok skidaš te "hackove".
* Ne koristi svoju d2jsp lozinku niti na jedoj drugoj web stranici/forumu.
* Svaki tjedan/mjesec potraži sa svojim anti-virus programom viruse/keyloggere.
* Ne odaj svoju lozinku nikome, pazi se male braće koji mogu svašta učiniti sa tvojim računom!


גרסה בעברית

Many_names ע"יחשבון ה-גיי אס פי שלך הוא באחריותך בלבד, גיי אס פי לא תחזיר פורום גולד או פריטים מדיאבלו וכו.'
הנה חוקים מסויימים שאם תעקב אחריהם תוכל למנוע פריצות לחשבון גיי אס פי שלך:
אל תשתמש במייל של ה-גיי אס פי שלך גם בחשבון ה-אם אס אןתשתמש במייל אחר שאתה לא משתמש בו באף אתר חשבון שיהיה מיועד רק לחשבון ה-גיי אס פי שלך
בנוסף תשתמש במייל שלא מזכיר באיזשהי צורה את הכינוי שלך ב-גיי אס פי
תשתמש בסיסמא אמיתית!!!
.john // T44rrt5E@0w זו לא סיסמא טובה, סיסמא טובה צריכה להיראות כמו הסיסמא הבאה john // nhoJ
אל תשתמש בתוכנות נוספות כגון: פריצת מפה לדיאבלו בוטים למניהם וכו' הסיבה לכך פשוטה אתה עשוי להוריד סוסים טרויאנים ולוגרים למניהם שבעזרתם אפשר לפרוץ לחשבון ה-גיי אס פי.
אל תשתמש בסיסמת החשבון שלך באף אתר / פורום מלבד גיי אס פי.
תסרוק את מחשבך האישי מידי שבוע או חודש.
אל תתן לאף אחד את סיסמתך, ותיזהר גם מאחיך הקטנים שעשויים לפגוע בחשבון ה-גיי אס פי שלך.
עם תפעל על פי החוקים הללו, כנראה ולא תצטרך לדאוג שמשהו יפרוץ את חשבון ה-גיי אס פי שלך תפעל על פי החוקים הללו
כנראה ולא תצטרך לדאוג שמשהו יפרוץ את חשבון ה-גיי אס פי שלך.



Korean Version:
By Obligation

당신이 d2jsp 계정을 잃을경우, 당신에게 모든 책임이 있으며 d2jsp 에서는 fg 또는 디아블로 아이템을(WoW, Skillroad 등등..) 환불해주지 않습니다

따라야할 규칙:

*d2jsp 를 사용하시는 동안은 MSN 또는 AIM 을 사용하지 마십시요. 이메일을 다른 웹사이트에서 쓰지 않는것을 사용하시고 또한 이메일에 당신의 아이디 또는 닉네임이 들어있지 않은 이메일을 사용하세요.
* 진짜 암호를 사용하세요!!!
* john // nhoj 는 좋은 암호가 아닙니다!!!. 좋은 암호의 예 : John // dezZr3z@o2~
* 3자의 소프트웨어, 맵해, 매클등을 사용하시지 마세요. 이런 프로그램들을 다운로드시 바이러스 또는 해킹을 당하실수 있습니다.
* 당신의 d2jsp 암호를 다른 사이트 또는 포럼에서 사용하지 마세요.
* 바이러스 검사를 매주 또는 매달 시행하세요.
* 암호를 다른사람과 공유하지 마세요. 그럴경우 동생 또는 가족이 계정을 사용할수 있다는점 유의 하세요.

위의 규칙들을 잘 지켜주신다면, 해킹당하는것을 방지할수 있습니다
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Sep 5 2011 01:14pm
VII. D2jsp Does Not Have Ads!
By Fault

D2jsp does not have adds and nor will it in the future. Any pop ups or links that claim to be part of Jsp are false and are most likely trying to steal your account or personal information.
DO NOT click on these!

Quote (njaguar @ Jul 11 2011 04:03pm)
There are no ads on this site. If you see ads while on this site, you either are not actually on d2jsp, or you have some adware/spyware on your computer.

Some examples of advertisements and pop ups to watch out for may include:
"Free D2jsp Online Banking"
"D2jsp image hosting"
"Purchase a D2jsp Credit Card"
"D2jsp Survey"
"Hot Locals - Dating"

What should you do if you start having pop ups or advertisements appear on your d2jsp pages or text?

Important: Your computer may have some adware / spyware
- Run a full system virus scan on your computer and remove any possible infections

- Clear your browsing history
- Clear your cache
- Restart your browser

If you still have pop ups, then it's most likely being caused by your browser.
- Go to Tools
- Click on "Add - ons"
- Remove any unnecessary ones that you may have

Last resort:
- Uninstall your browser
- Reinstall it

After doing all of this and you still have advertisements / pop ups appearing while on D2jsp, then you're most likely not on the official site and instead a posing one.

Only enter your account information on D2jsp.org!
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