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Jun 21 2011 06:05am
Hello Everyone! I am pleased to announce the release of Ladder Slasher v1.22. Below are the release notes:
  • Fixed a bug where you sometimes could not pick up an item after killing a well monster
  • Fixed searching for battleaxe, spear, and polearm in vault now correctly returns only those item types
  • Fixed abilities losing their charge when attack did not work (mob already dead, out of mana)
  • Fixed damage over 32k overflow display glitch
  • Added current Objectives Enabled to the Stats -> Objectives popup window
  • Increased the experience gain for increasing proficiency in skills
  • Drop quantity calculation has been rewritten and re-factored to be more dependent on the relative difficulty of the monster you are fighting (translation: more drops for harder mobs!)
  • Increased drop rate of totems
  • Pressing the Escape key while a text box has focus will now cancel focus off of that text box
  • Added a Keyboard configuration section to the Settings window. You can now customize/change existing keyboard hotkeys
  • Max market items under 20fg increased from 20 to 25
  • Fish/Comfreys will now spawn as a min * tier base as well as max. This means that the minimum values that can spawn will be tied more directly to the tier of the item. (No more 5 heal catfish, for instance)
  • Base Fish heal ranges have been changed from 5-50 per level to 25-100 per level
  • Base Comfrey minimum heal value increased

As usual, please return to the main LS index page, and click your resolution again if you have it bookmarked. v1.22.0 should show up in the bottom right corner of the login screen.

Have fun!
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