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#1 May 9 2011 05:50pm
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Trading WoW Gold:
  • You must be in possession of the gold you are trading before you post a topic or response.
  • You must state how much gold you are selling and which realm the gold is currently on. Unspecified or "unlimited" offers are not allowed.
  • You are not permitted to take orders for gold, or attempt to trade gold you do not have.
  • Gold may not be traded through the mailing system. All trades need to be done "face-to-face" through the in game trading window.
Illegal Trades:
These are the things you may not trade for.
  • WoW time cards. These are only permitted in Real Life Trades with access through the Donor Forum. Please read http://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=35976786&f=210here[/URL] for more information.
  • No selling of accounts (Battle.net OR World of Warcraft), character names, prepaid time cards or prepaid character transfer cards.
  • Anything related to RAF (Recruit a Friend).
  • Beta stage game invitations or other miscellaneous invitations.
  • Account authenticators.
  • TCG codes.
Blizzard Store Gifting:
  • You are now allowed trade items from the Blizzard store, as long as they can be gifted. This includes the base game, expansion packs, game time, store mounts, store pets, and store transmog.
  • Items from the Blizzard store which you can't gift are NOT allowed to to be traded on d2jsp. Examples of such illegal trades would be: Appearance Change, Character Transfer, Faction Change, Guild Services, Character Boost, Name Change, and Race Change.
  • You are NOT allowed to post FT topics for items gifted from the Blizzard store. Only ISO topics are allowed.

Blizzard has a security feature in place to prevent attempts at compromising your account.

You should never send your login information to a service provider and assume they were able to login to your account without issue.

If you were not already aware of this feature, here's a quick explanation:

*** When a new/unknown IP address is detected on your account during a login attempt, your account may be locked out. ***
*** A password reset will be required. You will receive an e-mail with a link to reset your password. You MUST use this link. ***
*** After a certain amount of time, if the service provider has not attempted to login with your new password, it may require an additional password reset. ***

The service provider will see a message similar to this upon a failed login attempt:


Thank you!

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