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Mar 26 2011 09:07am
Hello Everyone!

A few days ago I rolled out some new trade forum features that have been in use in the Ladder Slasher section for about 6 months now. By now, most of you have probably already seen the updates, but if not, swing on over to any of the larger game trade forums to see the new updates.

Here is a summary of the new features:
- Trades organized by FT/ISO/Services
- Each trade forum has it's own Price Check

You can click the tabs along the top of the topic list to filter by any of these categories, or use the default All Topics view to view everything.

In the short term, if you need assistance or help regarding this update, please read or post in General Help. We will be updating the Help guides in the coming days to reflect these new changes. Also, this will be rolled out to other forums in the Other Games section as time goes on, and the needs necessitate.

Thanks, and have fun!

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