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#1 Dec 13 2010 10:40am
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Welcome to this little guide :)

What is cabal?!

pvm show (boss only)

mass pvp show :

pvp show :

How to install it?

First step :
get on this website http://www.cabalonline.com/index.asp

Second step :
click on Download Game at middle - right and choose a client (anyone, not really important)

Third step :
click on Register at middle - right
Fill in the information

Fourth step :
When the game is downloaded, just install it as any else software.

Fifth step :
Log in with the account name you have registered with, and then choose a server.

There are not a lot of difference between the servers now, you should choose it in function of your friends / users who are on it.

Little description of chars :

warrior (wa) : strong melee char, good self buff (= spell which gives you more dmg, life and so on), good party buff (spells for you and your friends), good damage and good resistance
wizzard (wi) : range char, has the most important party buff, medium self buff, good damage but weak resistance
blader (bl) : strong melee char, he has rly nice self buff, medium party buff, good damage and good resistance
force blader (fb) : medium melee char, no party buff, medium self buff, but best debuff (buff agaisnt the other players / monsters), good damage (but less than wa / bl) and medium resistance
force archer (fa) : range char, support char, has really good party buff and self buff (can heal), medium damage, medium resistance
force shield (fs) : strong melee char, good self buff, medium party buff, medium damage and good resistance

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it, feel free to pm if you have any question :)
#2 Dec 13 2010 11:37am
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LOL, you gonna ask moderator to sticky it, aren't u?
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