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Nov 10 2010 09:12am
The Ladder Slasher Helpers List 37.0

© by NaRa and with the friendly moderating help of Kevin
Do NOT pm Kevin or Paparick for applications or how to be on the list, see FAQ!


What is this list about?

You dont know what ladder slasher is? You cant login? You feel totally lost?

This list is shall be an additional offer to help especially beginners beside the public forums ( General LS Discussion, Character Builds and Discussion, Catacombs )
and the written guides in the
Ladder Slasher Guide Collection or the Character Guide Collection.
The people on this list are experienced & qualified players who are willing to assist you if you have certain questions or need help.

If you are unsure about something, have a certain question on your mind or general problems getting started to the game,
you can use the contact information and expect helpful answers from these people.
It will be on a totally private basis between you and the person you contacted.
BUT: Do not use thise thread as an regular alternative for price checks, we have threads for such matters.

Who can use this service?

Every Ladder Slasher player seeking for help can use this. It is totally free.

What do i have to do?

If you have a question, choose the person who you think fits best for your personal case and contact him.
Make sure you read the Rules and advices before you start. (see below)

What else is planned?

If people are generally interested in this and we find a couple of people who would be willing to help on this,
we are planning to set up Beginners Seminars for players who just started ladder slasher or never played before.
We meet on ladder slasher and additionally on vent or other chat to play together and introduce you to the game.
Seminar Leaders will answers questions, plan little programs or tournaments with the participants.
More information on this will be released soon, so stay tuned :)


The Helpers List

The List is set in alphabetical order, you can find the language of each person, special fields and the way(s) to contact below.
People inactive on the forums or ladder slasher for 30 days or more will be removed temporarily.
Posts: 28,519
Joined: Feb 18 2006
Gold: 179,325.00
Trader: Trusted
Nov 10 2010 09:12am
Important Rules and Advices:

  • This service is only covering LADDER SLASHER related questions.
  • People are NOT responsible for questions regarding d2 here, use this forum: Diablo 2 Discussion and Guides
  • People are NOT responsible for general questions regarding d2jsp here, use this forum: General Help
  • The people are doing this on a totally free basis and spend their free time for this, so always be friendly and patient.
  • If you do not receive an answer at once, this person might be offline or just busy currently, do not spam them.
  • Do not ask several people for the same question, check the online status if you need a fast answer.
  • Do not beg people for fg or items.
  • Do not abuse people this way for price checks, use these threads:Softcore price check thread and Hardcore price check thread
  • Try to explain your problem as detailed as you can so the answer can cover your needs.
  • If someone helped you, dont hesitate to write a thank you to this person.
    It is a feedback for him that his answer was a help and motivation as well.
  • This thread is just an offer, neither a duty to stick to if you are new and need help nor the only choice.
  • You can of course open threads if you want to in the Character Builds and Discussion or the General LS Discussion
  • or directly ask the persons you think will help you best.

I saw an error/incorrect data on the list, what to do?

Drop a pm to NaRa who will forward this to the person with administrative rights,
do NOT directly pm Kevin, he will focus on posting the ready code we send him!

I am on the list currently, but I want to be removed.

If you wish to be deleted from this list, drop a pm to NaRa

I want to be on this list as well, what do i have to do?

Due to the massive amount of requests, part of them unfortunately not suitable for various reasons:
  • such as lack of experience (played/registered just for a few weeks),
  • dishonest motivation for being on the list
  • and also lack of good manners e.g. how to write a proper application introducing yourself without flaming others
we were forced to stop and change the way applications are dealt with since the current system
relying on honesty as the only prerequisite was abused to an extent.

The new system will look like this:

A council of respected, honourable and experienced/active users will decide which application will be approved and which will not.

Applications can be send to NaRa.
These applications will be collected and added to a list of applicants.

Once in a month, the council will meet to vote on these people from that list.

Possible votes are:
  • YES ( accepted to the list )
  • NO ( not accepted to the list )
  • Null Vote (I do not know this person and can not judge him)

In either case, the council members can give as detailed comments reasoning their vote as they want to.

An application needs a majority of at least 51 % YES votes in order to be accepted.
  • If the majority is reached, we will inform the person to receive an entry to the list with the monthly update
    ( usually 2-3 days after the council )
  • If the majority is not reached, but there are several null votes,
    we will inform the person that we generally do not know much about him and thus are not able to judge him.
    The person has the chance to introduce himself better e.g. by a more detailed application with information about him,
    helping in the official forums/irc/ladder slasher etc during the next couple of weeks or adding quotes where he helped others e.g. via pm.
    Afterwards the person can receive a new chance to write an application for the next month or when he feels ready for it.
  • If a person reaches a majority of NO votes, he will not have the chance to apply during the next couple of months,
    as we think he is not suitable to be listed there for certain reasons.
    We will inform the person of the result and our reasoning in an objective and constructive way,
    so the person has the chance to improve as well.
  • In any case, we will neither post the exact numbers of the vote nor argue on it.
    The results themselves will not be made public, but being told to each applicant via pm.
  • Do not ask for the members of the council nor try to ask/spam someone you think is a member.
    It will be secret to prevent any form of spam and you can not influence the vote this way.
How should i apply?
To introduce yourself to the members, you should write a detailed and especially honest application.
The people from the council will probably have seen you around before if you have been active,
but it helps a lot to hear some thoughts from the person him/herself.

Things to consider in this application are for instance:
  • How long have you been around here, what have you done in the past?
  • Do you have special fields you are experienced in?
  • Which mode do you play and for how long?
  • Which character builds did you already play?
  • In which guild are you currently (and why) ?
  • How often do you play usually and how often did you attempt to mq yet?
  • Which language(s) do you speak fluently?
  • How can we contact you ( pm, msn, aim, irc, vent, ts... )

Ask yourself a couple of questions that should be answered in this application:
  • Am I experienced enough to do this?
    Having played a couple of minutes, a character built that did not work
    or never reached the master quest will certainly make it harder to give good advice.
    You always have to remember one thing: The people seeking for help rely on your answer and trust you.
    It does not help to spam short answers or simply link to the guides, you should know what you are talking about.
    If you are not able to give helpful answers, you will cause severe problems for the person that asked for help.
  • Do i have enough time for this?
    Many people have jobs or other stuff to do and prefer spending the rare time they have with their (guild) mates, playing the game.
    It will most likely eat a lot of time being on this list and receiving several questions a day.
  • Why do i want to do this?
    You should have a personal motivation on why you want to do this.
    You will neither receive fg nor fame for this and if this is your motivation this is not the right thing for you.
Answer this questions for yourself first of all and if you are not satisfied with them, others wont probably be either.

This list does not make you a better person or is the license to help or be allowed to help.
You can of course help others without being on this list if you want to help.

You can additionally of course link to threads were you helped in the past,eventually guides you wrote or
add copies of helpful quotes if you mainly help via pm.

Due to the same chances for anyone and fairness, this council system will also be valid with retrospective effect,
meaning we will run the same method for the current members of the list as well.

For the case the council does not know you or votes against you,
we will give you the chance to write a new application introducing yourself,
since you could not know about this system back then.

  • the final layout will be edited once again, this is the first raw version.
  • if you see any errors, wrong links or would like to add contact information, please report this.
  • if you know any other players that would be interested & qualified to be on the list, please report this. we just made a small start :)
  • the beginners seminars will be added about 1-2 week later
  • THANKS once again to all of you who are willing to help on this :hug:
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