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Oct 3 2006 10:57am
Hi, Im ZxB and i play EuScL under acc Sylent.Im not around here for very long so u may not know me.This is my first guide ever.I decided to wrote it cause i find Goldfinder VERY effective,unique and fun char.This build is not for PvP.I hope u will like this ! smile.gif

Here are some d2 terms im gonna use here :

GF = Goldfind
EG = Extra Gold
Baba = Barbarian
Mf = Magic Find

Why Goldfind Barbarian ?

Answer is simple.....
U Can get gold and gamble.U can gamble ANY ITEM IN WHOLE GAME (xcept runewords and quest items ofc).
If u dont want to gamble, u can have gold to revive merc or repair your equipment.
If u still dont want to make gold baba heres another reason !
U can Trade game gold with other players and get Fg's ^^

Equipment :

NOTE : This is not the cheapest Goldfinder build....but is cool and very effective.^^

You ( Baba)

Helm : Crown Of Thieves [ aim for high Eg, sox it with Lem ]
Amu : Aim For 70+ Eg + Baba skills
Armor : Wealth [Mp / Dusk]
Belt : Goldwrap [ aim for higher eg ]
Ring's : 2x Dwarf star rings
Weapon's : 2x Blade Of Ali Baba [ Sox it with 2x Lem ]
Gloves : Chance Guard's
Boots : Infernostride / Res Eg boots

Inventory :

Baba Torch [the higher the better]
Anni [ not needed if u dont want it ]
Gheed's Fortune [ aim for -15 Vendor Prices and High eg ]
Eg Sc's / Lc's / Gc's
Some 20 Lifers if u need

Merc :

Ok, im gonna talk about my choice here.....
Insted i take act 5 Barbarian Merc.
Why ?
He can make more Dmg, Can tank better,Has more Life...

Merc Equpiment :

Eth Death Colosuss Sword
Eth Forti
Crown Of Thieve's [15 Ias Yewel inside]

If u have trouble, switch to Gaze,but u shouldn have any trouble if u play right...

Skills :
Ok....now we come to the skill tree ^^
Its Pretty Simple.

Find Item : 20 Points
Leap : 10-15 Points
Natural Resistances : 10+ Points
Sword Mastery : 20 Points
Battle Orders : 20 Points
+ prerequisites

Now some Faq :

Q : How Much Gold u get per run ?
A : Usually i get 500-600 K gold per run.

Q : Where U Goldfind ?
A : I Goldfind in Travincal Hell without any trouble.

Q : How do u kill with Ali Baba ?
A : I don't.My merc kills.I just LEAP around, hes done very fast.Whenever ur merc is surounded
Leap around and let him kill the Council Members.When he is done use «Find Item « skill on
Corpses to get even more gold.

Q : Do u get anything xcept Gold ?
A : Yes, u can get VERY nice drops due to ur high MF.

Q : Why Wealth over Enigma ?
A : U loose to much Eg [ 300 ] and this merc is really smart, he wont get stuck or so.

When u gamble use Edge bow [ reduces vendor prices -15 ]
That way you will spend gold slower, and gamble more !
Well's does heal your Merc too.So if he is low on health, drink from well and heal him.

Conclusion :

I Hope U like this guide, if u think some thing is wrong / missing pls post here.
I would like som feedback.

Thank's to :

1. Hrcovic - for the finances
2. Ivangozu - for being so gosu m8, always muling / helping me
3. SorrowCRO - For helping with finances and muling me.
4.All the goldfinder guides and players on this site !

I Hope u enjoyed....


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Oct 3 2006 11:45am
Im going to try it out and make one wink.gif
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Oct 3 2006 11:49am
Ok, im glad u liked it, i would like some more feedback !
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Oct 3 2006 11:54am
Also how much fg you think this will cost to make?
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Oct 3 2006 11:59am
depends on items stats u choose...
i selfmade Death
and Bought forti for 20 fg^^
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Oct 3 2006 12:20pm
very nice guide, if i ever will make an goldfind barb, i will follow this step by step
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Oct 3 2006 01:08pm
Okay seems like a good build, now i hope i am right about you using ali baba's, that is based on equal goldfind and mf?
Hmm, this is just a theory, not sure if it good enough for build or if you get gold and mf with lower lvls considering that
your merc does all the killing.

Q) Why not use 6lem cs like every other gf baba?

This post was edited by izParagonzi on Oct 3 2006 01:10pm
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Oct 3 2006 01:40pm
Is this mf and gf? If just gf then I'd use 2 6x lem crystal swords. That's what my baba uses.
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Oct 4 2006 01:47am
Well, u can use 6 sox Lem swords.
But why ? they give 300 Eg right ?
Alibaba has base 150 eg and +eg on Lvl (lemLem)
so on level 8x u have 350 eg on both hands, + u get Mf

Ofc if u want u can wear 6 sox lem Pb's
but this way u get more gold,Mf,Some Dex and a bit of dmg

correct me if im wrong

all extra gld and Mf applys to eachother, even the merc's

This post was edited by ZxB on Oct 4 2006 01:48am
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Oct 4 2006 03:52am
your gf adds to your mercs after the merc kills?

This post was edited by LuBe on Oct 4 2006 03:53am
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