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Feb 14 2010 05:43pm
Hello Everyone!

I have finally finished up the d2jsp Instant Messenger that I had planned to do many years ago. It's still in a beta format, and lots will be changed/added as time goes on. I need to do some more final performance analysis/testing before I add additional features such as "away/busy/idle", but wanted to get this out there for you guys to use.

Please note that ALL d2jsp rules apply on the d2jsp Instant Messenger! If you abuse it, you will face the penalties up to being banned from using d2jsp entirely.

Couple notes on usage:
- It is based on your friends list. You can add temporary contacts by clicking the + icon in the top right corner. This will NOT add a person to your friends list on d2jsp!
- To open a chat, double click someone (online) on the right list
- To change chats, click them on the left side
- To close chats, right click the contact on the LEFT list that is already open, and there are also other various things you can do, such as PM, send gold, etc.
- Once you relogin, your temporary contacts will be removed!
- There is a 24 hour idle timeout, after 24 hours of no activity from you, it will disconnect you. Either refresh or click the "disconnected" box that appears to reconnect. This may be changed at a later time to go "idle" instead of disconnecting (auto away), but we'll see.
- Blue contact icon = contact is online, faded/gray = offline. When you get a new message from a user on a different tab on the left, it will turn "bold" to indicate a new unread message.
- To change sound settings, click the settings icon in the top left, and check/uncheck the boxes you wish the have sound effects enabled for.
- To join your guild chat (if you're in a guild, and your guild has a guild chat), click the > arrow next to Guild Chat that is listed on your screen.
- If it loads but doesn't connect, make sure port 8180 is not blocked outgoing on your firewall/router.
- There will NOT be any public channels! People NOT in your guild will not be able to join your guild chat.

There are many planned features for this, such as:
- Away/states
- More Settings/configuration options (colors, fonts, etc)
- Logging of conversations on the client side
- Real time notifications of events (such as messages to tell you that you have a new PM, event, etc...)
- Other platform availability, such as phones, stand alone clients, etc.

The client/server were written by myself from scratch, and are not available for use outside d2jsp.

Thanks, and have fun! :) And don't spam me, please. ;)
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