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#1 Jan 23 2010 09:19pm
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United Guilds Melee Ladder (US East Non-Ladder)

Ladder Council Members & Guild Leaders

Darkken of the Dark Tavern
SirSteve1of Melee
LilNeko of MILITIA
PreZident Brennon of the Palapk Nation
hengster of Playboy


<Challenge System Please Read Before Issueing New Challenges>

1) Have fun!! (No Rage Drama BM or Bullshit you will be Removed/Banned If there are Multiple Complaints about you)
2) To be added to the Ladder post Jsp Name/D2 Acct/Char Name- Type of Char
3) Allowed to challenge up to 2 ranks above you until you get to #5 then you must duel Everybody to get to #1
4) You Must Pm the other party about the challenge FIRST then post challenge in this topic.
5) GM Melee Rules Apply to all Duels See Page 1 for Rules
6) Challenge will be best 2/3 sets First to Six Must Win each set by 2 Duels
7) You may Change Gear 1 time during a Set and 1 time between each Set
8) If you Issued the Challenge Must wait 12 hours after Completion of Challenge to Issue another Challenge
9) If you lose a Challenge you must wait 48 Hours to Rechallenge the same Person
10) 3-Day Dodge Rule (Afk, No-reply, No-show = Auto-Loss) 2 Consecutive "Dodges" = Removed from Ladder
(If you Cannot Complete Your Challenge on Time it is your Responsibitly to PM your Challenger to Inform
them and then Post in Thread Asking for an Extension. If you fail to do this Dodge Rule will Be Enforced.)


<Gm Melee Rules>


- Do not commit acts of bad manner.
- Do not angle (both parallel to the town door)
- Do not prebuff.
- Do not use poison.
- Do not use slow.
- Do not enchant.
- Do not smite.
- Do not charge.
- Do not jump.
- Do not pot.
- Do not run.
- Do not whirlwind.
- Do not knockback.
- Do not use items that emit auras which affect player vs. player (PVP) and cause physical and/or elemental damage.
- Do not emit the holy freeze aura.
- Do not cast item/torch charges.


List of BM Items

[Weapons - Runewords]

[Weapons - Uniques]
Cranebeak (War Spike)
Hell Slayer (Decapitator)
Messerschmidt's Reaver (Champion Axe)
Fleshripper (Fanged Knifte)
Nord's Tenderizer (Truncheon)
Demon Limb (Tyrant Club)
Baranar's Star (Devil Star)
Horizon's Tornado (Scourge)
Stormlash (Scourge)
Schaefer's Hammer (Legendary Mallet)
Windhammer (Ogre Maul)
Astreon's Iron Ward (Caduceus)
Djinn Slayer (Ataghan)
Lightsabre (Phase Blade)
Azurewrath (Phase Blade)
Frostwind (Cryptic Sword)
Flamebellow (Balrog Blade)

[Weapons - Rares/Magics]
Any weapon with poison damage (vouch civic 4 this rule update)
Any weapon with more than 200 total elemental damage
Any weapon that casts an elemental skill over Level 5
Any weapon that casts amplify curses ( same with any armor )
Any poison on gear

Nosferatu's Coil (Vampirefang Belt)
Arachnid Mesh (Spiderweb Sash)
Cleglaw's Pincers (Set gloves)
Andariel's Visage (Demonhead)
Blackhorn's Face (Death Mask)
Giant Skull (Bone Visage)
Ethereal Fort
Ethereal Stone
Any armor that casts slow or elemental skill over Level 5
Any ethereal armor with no repair mod or zod rune (breakable armor)

Special Mention

[Starting Duel] - Both must have "go" over head at same time action begins. If one "go" drops first, wait for them to put it up again

[Miss-Clicking] - Continue fighting

[Glitched Strength] - Auto DQ will result if you die and can't pick up gear

[Chilling Armor] - Must not be on prior to a duel, Referee to kill off surviving player with chilling armor

[Holyshield] - Do not cast holyshield prior to gear change. if casted hs and changed gear, Referee to kill off player and recast hs

[Running into/during Duel] - Point awarded to opponent

[Draws] - If neither player survives a walk back to town, counts as a draw. No point awarded to either player

[Use of Exile/Tap Gear] - Zeal vs Zeal only (may choose not to use tap yourself, but cannot force opponent not to use tap)



Anything not mentioned here is subject to Referee's decision, and is final
#2 Jan 23 2010 09:27pm
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Sign me up for #1!

Forwarding the news to the Palapk Nation. With the backing of five Melee Guilds, I strongly believe this will be a success. The Ladder Council will be more effective as a democratic collective rather than one person in total control.

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#3 Jan 23 2010 09:28pm
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Sign me up! #2 ;) I am contacting my guild members and everyone I know to sign-up as well :cheers:

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#4 Jan 23 2010 09:32pm
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sign me up
#5 Jan 23 2010 09:33pm
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sign me up too
#6 Jan 23 2010 09:35pm
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Thanks for making this happen Steve, as well as Bren, Darc, Jess too for your support in this initiative.

I have contacted my Guild Members to join, will join this myself soon as the D2 Ladder Season resets too ^_^
#7 Jan 23 2010 09:37pm
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mk9 / mjp / crocop / conc
#8 Jan 23 2010 09:37pm
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Iso #2 spot im all in

2) Scorpxxxx [Scorpxxxx] [Scorps_Sabbith] [Zeal] ♛

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#9 Jan 23 2010 09:46pm
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Sign Me Up
evil_stalker@jsp [evil_stalker] [Goodwill] [Conc] ♛

#10 Jan 23 2010 09:46pm
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Any Member of the existing Ladder may join this Ladder.

You will be Placed in the same order as on the previous Ladder.

However you must post your confirmation in this thread within 72 hours of the first post by SirSteve1 above, which is at Eastern Time 10.19pm January 23th 2010.

The 72-hour transition period will end at Eastern Time 10.19pm January 26th 2010.

After that the Ladder will become Active and all New Members will have to start at the bottom.

Rankings will be listed once the Ladder is Active.
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