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Rappelz General info and level guide
Common Terms used in rappelz:
AoE= Area of Effect ( spells/Etc that damage everything within a given radios)
OB=OverBreed ||SS= Stamina saver ||S/s=Screen shot ||Bp=Blue Pixie ||Rp=Red pixie
Grind= Leveling and item finding ||DP=Dungeon party
LF=Looking for||WTT=Want to Trade||WTS=Want to sell||WTB=Want to Buy

The Open Beta version of Rappelz launched on October 2, 2006,[26] with two separate servers available: "Tortus" , the normal PvE server, and "Pantera", the more PvP/PK-oriented server. Those who had previously downloaded the Closed Beta version of Rappelz were not required to re-download the Rappelz client to play in Open Beta; however, extensive automatic patching was done by the client before Closed Beta players could enter Open Beta. Closed Beta ended on September 26, 2006. Closed-beta characters were deleted at the beginning of Open Beta; however, characters created during Open Beta were not deleted prior to the game's release. Open Beta ended with the official release of the game on November 03, 2006.
There are currently five servers in service namely, "Fenrir, Naga, Pantera Tortus ja Bahamut.

Game Versions (Expansions):

Epic 3: Siege for Glory
The release candidate for Rappelz right after open beta.

Epic 4: Revolution
Rappelz Epic IV was released on July 27, 2007. The expansion included a complete skill revamp, changes to the pet system, the inclusion of a second job class, and many small tweaks to the system and graphics. However, the majority of bugs and issues reported in Epic III were not resolved and Epic IV introduced many new bugs including missing skills, broken skills and items/ descriptions not translated from original Korean.

Epic 5: Dragonic Age
The first part of this update went live on August 12, 2008 and contained:
* two new pets, Pet skills and development changed/added, decorative pets have been added
* new dungeon, new armors, weapons, cloaks and helmets

The second part released on October 15, 2008 and brought:
* two new dungeons, level limit raised to 170, new armor, weapons, and accessories
* a new ride able mount (Qilin) for level 120+
* job points were reset for all players

Epic 6: Navislamia
This first part of this Epic was released on the 20th of May 2009, the second part of this Epic was released on October 14, under the new name of Epic VI: Solus Aurum and contained the following:
* High level field area updates (Level 120+), new teleport routes
* two new higher level dungeons and changes to dungeon monster drop rates and items
* Some monsters can now detect stealthed players.
* Six new pets added; Wolf, Octopus, Naga, Harpy, Gnoll, Genie
* Trainee Island updated, new quests, areas and dungeon
* User Interface changed, key mapping enhanced, changes to donation system and ranking
* New skills Enhancements and Cost increases.

The Story
The oldest race is the Gaia, and to assist them, the gods of Creation and Extinction brought two more races into the world. They were the Deva who represented the Light and the Asura who represented the Darkness. With this, there was a period of peace and stability in the world.
As the ages passed by, there was one among the Gaia who called herself "The Witch". Over time, she grew in tremendous power and with a ruthless ambition, rallied the people of Gaia to rebel against the world.
Not all the people of Gaia heeded this call, however, and the world was thrown into chaos. It was only through the combined efforts of the three races of Deva, Asura, and Gaia that "The Witch" was finally captured and burnt alive. It was a victorious outcome of a unity between the three races.
Now at the present time, the three races continue to co-exist with each other in the world of Rappelz but dark rumors have surfaced about the second coming of "The Witch" and the return of her terrible forces. The back story plays a substantial role in the game itself.

Game Features:

Items and Equipment:
Equipment in the game have their own level and can level up by means of upgrading. Items that are able to do this display a section at the bottom of their status window showing the upgraded status effects, allowing players to know ahead of time the quality of the equipment. By visiting a Blacksmith, which is available in every town, players are able to upgrade their currently equipped (and upgradeable) equipment for a fee.
In addition, combination's of equipment with the appropriate enchantment cubes can further increase its potency, and as is the case with weapons, even be reflected graphically through a glow effect. This is called 'enchanting' an item. A weak weapon or Armour can be formed into a stronger item without having to sell it and buy a new one. This can also substantially increase both the item's in-game market value. The only non-equipment item that can be enchanted is the skill card.
Items can also be improved by socketing Soul Stones. This is done by visiting a Soul crafter. Soul Stones are drop items that cannot be bought from any NPC. When socketed, they will increase one of the primary stats of one's character, if three conditions are met: the equipment with the Soul Stone is equipped, the Soul Stone's level is lower than or equals the character's level, and the Soul Power of the equipment is charged. Soul Power can be charged at the Soul crafter of each town, and will be paid in Lak. Most equipment has two sockets for Soul Stones, however two-handed weapons have four.

Pet System
One of Rappelz's defining features is its Pet system. Pets are creatures that adventure alongside players, aiding them in battle. They come in many varieties, and can be made to fulfill numerous roles. Additionally, pets have many of the properties of player characters: they gain levels alongside their owners, learn different skills, and can make use of equipment.
Pets can be used by all races and classes: the only requirement being two skills, Summon Creature and Creature Control, which are available early in the game. The basic classes (Rogue, Guide and Stepper) and fighter classes have little emphasis on creatures through the availability of creature affecting skills while the others, especially summoner classes (Breeder, Spell Singer and Sorcerer) can affect creatures more greatly.
Pets are attained by taming a pet while having the appropriate card for that pet in the player's inventory. The three most basic pet cards can be bought in any town, while other cards are only found from defeated monsters. Once tamed, pets can be summoned and banished at will by their owners.
Upon reaching a certain level, pets can "evolve" to a different type. A pet evolves twice during its lifetime. Additionally, pets can learn skills at higher levels that allow them to be used as equipment, augmenting their owner's power. There is also a feature known as "overbreeding" which requires a somewhat longer time to achieve. Overbreeding grants pets more job points and stats than non-overbred pets. Overbreeding begins after a pet can evolve but not allowing the city tamer to evolve it. Generally if a pet is not Overbred, it is considered worthless to players wishing to buy a pet

Current Pets
The Rappelz Reference Guide lists the pets in order of taming chance, using tiers. As of Epic 4, pets from tiers 1 through 3 are considered Basic, and tier 4 pets are considered Rare. Pet cards for pets from tier 1 can be purchased from NPCs, pet cards for tiers 2 through 4 are drop-only items (though sometimes they do appear in the Cash Shop as bonus items on special packages). tier 1, 2 and 3 are all listed as "basic" on their pet cards, however different drop rates and tame rates may put them into different tiers as shown below. Each pet has a specific 'Unity' which is a toggle self-buff for itself and its owner. The rarer the pet, the better its unity.

Tier 1 (Basic):
* Pantera: A muscular tiger creature. It focuses on movement speed and physical attack. Its unity adds P.Atk.
* Poultry: A large chicken creature. It focuses on attack speed and accuracy. Its unity adds Acc.
* Tortus: A giant tortoise creature. It focuses on defense and high hp. Its unity adds P.Def.

Tier 2 ("Common"):
* Red Pixie: A small red glowing fairy. It has very high magic (fire) damage capabilities but has low defenses. Its unity adds M.atk.
* Orc: A green humanoid creature with high attack and defense. Its unity adds P.Atk and P.Def.
* Blue Pixie: A small blue glowing fairy. Great healing abilities, but low defense. Its unity adds MP.Recov.
* Siren: A beautiful humanoid female. It has abilities to debuff enemies. Its unity adds Acc and M.Acc.
* Skeleton: A skeletal warrior. It has fast physical attacks and extraordinary damage-dealing capabilities. Its unity adds Atk Speed.
* Yeti: A white yeti creature with a mask. It has remarkably high defense and health. Its unity adds P.Def
* Wolf: A gray wolf. It has very high evasion. It's hp and mp are not very high. Its unity adds evasion.

Tier 3 ("Un-Common"):
* Hawkman: A bird/human hybrid resembling an avian. Its skills and abilities focus on high physical attack and high physical defense. Its unity adds P.Atk and P.Def.
* Salamander: A red bipedal fire-based lizard. Its skills and abilities are based around high damage dealing potential in both magical and physical areas. Its unity adds P.Atk and M.Atk
* Harpy: A bird/human more resembling a winged archer. Its skills and abilities focus on high dexterity and p.atk, but low p.def. It also has very low HP and MP. Its unity adds attack speed.

Tier 4 (Rare):
* Angel: An angel-like creature with wings. It focuses on healing with great defensive potential. It also bears several magic attacks of notable power. Its unity adds M.Atk and P.Def
* Kentauros: A centaur equipped with a spear. Its strength lies in enormous physical attacks and fantastic damage-dealing potential. Its unity is P.Atk
* Cerberus: A three-headed dog creature. It focuses on extremely powerful physical attacks and high attack speed. Its unity adds P.Atk and Acc.
* Gnoll: A bipedal hyena creature, which focuses on good block rate and p.def. Its unity adds block chance, block power and also P.Atk.

Tier 5 (Unique):
* White Dragon: An ice-themed dragon creature. White Dragons have higher defense and magic attack (and thus damage) than any other pet, making them simply "the best". They are also nearly unheard of in terms of rarity.
* Mystic Koala: A koala type beast. Has the 2nd highest defense of all pets and boosts on the user's chance to score a critical hit. It is the only pet that can be obtained without having it tamed. Purchased from the Ursa Caverns Shop Dealer for 1,000,000 Gen Points. This pet's unity increase does not increase the chance for more or better loot because luck is unrelated.

Each of the three races in Rappelz has three classes: a warrior class, a magician class, and a summoner class whose abilities center around their pets. Summoner classes typically have skills to support their pet as well as skills borrowed from both other classes for their respective race. Similar to Ragnarok Online, characters begin as a BASIC class with limited skills. There are no gender limitations on classes, but each race has its own classes and skill sets. Players are free to adventure anywhere in the game world regardless of race.

Classes and Levels
Rappelz features a variety of classes, most of which can be unlocked through attaining a certain character level and job level. Character levels are attained in the traditional way, by defeating mobs and gaining experience points. Besides experience points, defeating mobs also grants the player job points. Job points are required to obtain and level up the character's skills, but also to increase their job level. Most skills require a minimum job level to be unlocked.
(Highest level that is currently available to reach is "170")
As of Epic 4, there are three class categories: starting class, first job class and second job class. After attaining level 10 and job level 10, characters can choose one of the first job specialized classes. At level 50 and job level 40, the second job class can be chosen. For example, the Gaia warrior class, Fighter, can choose between Champion, a melee-oriented battler, or an Archer, who focuses on bow skills. All classes of any race share a single "racial skill" in Epic 4, which grows in power with each class increase. When advancing a character's job class, the job level is reset.
It is also possible to 'overbreed' your character. This means the character is not advanced to a second job class when it reaches level 50, job level 40. Instead, job points are collected to bring the job level up to level 50 as well, before further specializing. Overbreeding gives a character a small bonus to its statistics. Opinions vary on whether overbreeding is worth the amount of time and job points spent.

The Deva are a light-based race. They also have water- and earth-based skills. They are primarily defense-oriented, focusing on the powers of healing and buffing. Their racial skill is "Minor Healing", which restores HP to the caster.
* Guide - The Guide is the starting class for the Deva. The basic skills Smite and Minor Healing are learned by this class.
o Holy Warrior - Holy Warriors are the game's primary tank class. They have the highest natural health and defense of the first jobs. They have various skills to force monsters to attack them instead of other party members (most notably the skill Provoke). In addition, they have multiple debuffing abilities, which are continued in the two advanced job versions of this class.
+ Soldier - The Soldier focuses on the offensive aspect of Holy Warriors. They get additional damage-dealing skills as well as the only two unholy warrior skills of non-light element.
+ Knight - The Knight focuses on the defensive aspect of Holy Warriors. Focusing on their prowess with a shield, they have additional skills for provoking enemies and the greatest natural defense and Health in the game. They have stronger defense and block percent increasing skills.
o Cleric - The Cleric is the main healer/buffer of Rappelz. They have strong healing spells and many strong player buffs. They also have several attack and debuff spells.
+ Priest - Priests expand on the Cleric's partying ability. They get extensions on all heals level cap, as well as many "mass buffs" that can affect a whole party. However, many of these buffs are considered worthless because they do not stack with regular buffs, and do not give as much of a bonus. Furthermore, these buffs continue to drain MP (Mana Points) while active.
+ Bishop - The Bishop expands on a cleric's offensive casting ability. They get no new healing spells, and have the max level on some of the Cleric spells raised. They make up for it in several powerful debuffs and disable spells.
o Breeder - The Breeder is Deva's summoner. Breeders have more defense oriented buffs and focus on raising and healing their creatures; they have limited light based damage skills also.
+ Soul Breeder - The second job class of breeders mainly extends their first job skills further. A new skill worth noticing is Dual Summoning, a passive skill which allows a character to extend the timer until the "secondary pet." (the pet which was the first to be summoned) Once high levels of this skill are achieved a Soul Breeder may permanently keep two pets out, not counting the time to recall the "main" pet (second to be summoned, this pet is recalled in order to keep buffs on one pet at all times)

The Gaia are a neutral human race who generally have mix of defensive and offensive skills. Their skills revolve around manipulating the forces of nature. Unlike the Deva and Asura, they do not have a race-specific element, but they have skills utilizing all four "natural" elements (water, earth, wind, and fire). Their racial skill is "Mental Concentration", which increases their critical attack for a short time.
* Rogue - The Rogue is the starting class for Gaia. The basic skills Smite and Mental Concentration are learned by this class.
o Fighter - The Fighter is the warrior class of the Gaia. Fighters focus on damage skills with two-handed axes, dual-wielded axes, or longbows.
+ Champion- The Champion class is the continuation of the melee fighter path. They focus on melee skills.
+ Archer - The Archer is the continuation of the shortbow fighter path. They focus on various bow damage skills as well as trapping skills. They also have the unique ability to detect hidden enemies (assassins are currently the only character in the game that can hide).
o Kahuna - The Kahuna is a melee/caster hybrid class. Their magical attack spells are mostly focused on status effects and often have long re-use times. Their melee damage ability is greater than that of other magicians. They possess a heal-over-time spell as well as several buffs; however, the heal and buff skills are not as powerful as their Cleric counterparts, but are stackable (buffs from Kahunas and Clerics are able to be in effect simultaneously).
+ Battle Kahuna - The Battle Kahuna furthers the Kahuna's melee and damage abilities. They have additional attack skills as well as higher levels of passive attack skills (their base damage is higher).
+ Druid - The Druid focuses on the support aspect of the Kahuna class. They have more spells for disabling opponents as well as greater healing ability.
o Spell Singer - The Spell Singer is the Gaia pet class. The Spell Singer focuses on increasing the abilities of both the pet and the player, with the summoner itself becoming considerably formidable at melee upon learning to dual wield one-handed axes. It is the only class in the game which lacks a self healing ability but it can heal its pet.
+ Evoker - The Evoker furthers the Spell Singer's abilities. One of the most efficient damage dealing classes, with tanking abilities
The Asura are the dark-element race of Rappelz. They also possess fire- and wind-based skills. They are primarily an offense-oriented race. They have lower health and defense than the other two races, but they have better evasion. Their racial skill is "Deep Evasion", which increases their evasive ability for a short time.
* Stepper - The Stepper is the starting class for the Asura. The basic skills Smite and Deep Evasion are learned by this class.
o Strider - The Strider is an assassin-like class that uses high evasion and attack speed, hitting fast but not particularly strong. They can specialize in blades (swords or dirks) or crossbow.
+ Assassin - The Assassin specializes in twin dirks or swords, and have a large range of defensive melee skills and stealth skills to hide from their enemies. It uses fast attacks in order to deal large amounts of damage. This class has very little MP.
+ Shadow Hunter - The Shadow Hunter is the second job class of Striders which specializes in crossbows. They have many ranged skills and debuffing abilities.
o Dark Magician - The Dark Magician uses spells that drain and weaken the enemy. They have many offensive spells and debuffs. They have weak defenses and die quickly.
+ Chaos Magician - The Chaos Magician is the second job class of Dark Magicians which concentrates on high AoE damage spells. It has very high damage-dealing capabilities, with high MP usage as well. The CM has the lowest physical defense power and lowest HP, but most MP of all classes.
+ Warlock - The Warlock is the second job class which concentrates more on debuffs and curse magic. The Warlock (short: WL) uses traps that he set on the ground; they will hit all enemies that walk over them (they are unseen for other players) and give them a lasting effect like stun, fear, hold. In parties they have have a large arsenal of support spells.
o Sorcerer - The Sorcerer focuses on offense and absolute control of their pets. Sorcerers can exchange HP with their pets and leech their pets' strength.
+ Battle Summoner - The Battle Summoner is an extension of the sorcerer. They have offensive potential in both melee and magic, and more offensive buffs for their pets. At higher level they gain a Spell that increases all stats of all pets in the whole party. Very valuable in any party.

Level guide
This is a small guide to go from level 10-40 in 3 or less hours,level 40-50 in 2-3 hours lvl50-60 in 4-8 hours.
a r5+ pet (DD/tank build) /r3-r4 pet DD build (you will need a healer for a r3-r4 pet more than likely
3 trainees Stamina Savers (10-40)
+400-700 r2 luna chips
3 regular Stamina savers (40-50)
+800-1700 r2 luna chips
5-6 stamina savers (50-60) *this can be done with less if you can kill monsters quickly in the dungeon*
+900-2500 r3-r4 luna chips
first put your R5 + pet in your stash (warehouse so you can get to it from your new character) (pu your gear in toO)
log to char select screen
make new char
login to it
now this guide starts in trainees camp.
>step 1.
make your character
>step 2.
skip all quests
go to the elementary trainers camp site and begin training from their to the trainees town gate (DO NOT GO TO TRAINEES TILL
(usually you'll have both around lvl 5-6)
>step 3.
after you have acquired those go to your stash (warehouse) and get your pet and its gear.
>step 4.
go to the east field from trainees camp and get to level 10/jlvl10 using your pet dont worry about drops only pick up the good stuff like cards and pet cards
>step 5.
go to town get the job transfer quest from guildas and go to deneb
>step 6.
get the class transfer quest from deneb then go to the guy on the coast
>step 7.
get the kill anathema quest complete it and go back to that guy
>step 8.
get the return to deneb quest and go back to her get your job change
>step 9.
get the next quest from deneb and turn it in for your trainees tent and 3 trainees SS
>step 10.
goto gaia horizon and get your chips from your warehouse and a mount and if you have some get some wind potions
>step 11.
go to dry moon light relics 2 (go west from horizon's north gate all the way to grey bridge then go across grey bridge and go south-west to the gate of dry relics and go in.
>step 12.
buf your pet/yourself if you have someone ask them to give ou cleric buffs ETC
>step 13
go to the right hand path ( your gona be going a ways) use a wind potion *it may be a good idea to use Shift+click and left you pet attract all the aggressive (red name) monsters*
>step 14.
follow that path all the way to the middle room and then take the path on the left side at the top ~*AVOID OFFORIA*~
>step 15.
go all the way up to the triangle looking split path that leads to the room in the middle of the dungeon map. go to the top point of that triangle.
>step 16.
now start killing a monster.
>step 17.
use a trainees Stamin saver (SS) before you kill the first monster
>step 18.
KILL EVERYTHING THAT MOVES. do not worry about drops just kill no picking up rigt now
>step 19.
after your first hour is up take a break if u need too and go to town get potions/chips/ETC
>step 20.
go back and start your second hour
>step 21.
continue till you have used all of your trainees SS. you should be level 40 by then. if your not kill till you are ( don't use any more ss as you should be very close to 40)
>step 22.
go to horizon after youve reached lvl 40 and gear up for the 40-50 stage
>step 23
go back to the same spot only thin time move to the right side point/in side the middle room (NOT TO FAR INTO THE MIDDLE ROOM THO AS THIER IS A BOSS IN THERE*ABHUVA*)
>step 24
start on your next monster and then use a SS before you kill the first one
>step 25
KILL EVERYTHING THAT MOVES~~ only dont stop for breaks if you can help it till you hit lvl 50
>step 26
after you have reached lvl 50 go to horizon and gear up for your level 50-60 leveling (get better chips and your r3 gear)
>step 27
go north east from horizons north gate up to second valmor mines
>step 28
go in the mines and go up to either lost mines 2 gate or lost mines 1 gate
>step 29
get buffs!
>step 30
try to kill a mob see how easy it is for you
>step 31
if you can easily solo a mob or 2 alone then start to kill one then use a SS before it dies and thennn
>step 32
Kill Everything that moves~
>step 33
keep going till you reach level 60-70+ you can get to 75+ in here
>step 34
go have fun or come back and level some more ^^
have fun with your r3-r4 char :)

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