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Dec 31 2009 07:32pm
changes when they join games...
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Dec 31 2009 07:34pm
Quote (ScoobaSteve @ Dec 31 2009 07:56pm)
normally but ladder is glitches sometimes dying can bump you to #1 if u look now the top 2 are
dead and there have been many 99's since...

I am the most recent legit 99 (idc if ur bot hit 99)

even once I hit 99 I was only #3 and since have fallen.  If I keep playing I could rebump but idc

I don't bot steve lol
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Dec 31 2009 07:40pm
Quote (Tyko @ Dec 31 2009 08:34pm)
I don't bot steve lol

I was referring to thread creator :x
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Dec 31 2009 11:18pm
Quote (aDD1cT. @ Dec 31 2009 07:32pm)
changes when they join games...

I think it's by how many monsters you kill...maybe by exp gained (though you aren't gaining it, technically)

For instance..you can make a char on PTR non-exp hc and get #20 ladder by killing a few monsters in a1 norm.
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