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Dec 4 2009 08:24am
Hi Guys!

This version is a huge upgrade over all previous versions. I converted the game client from ActionScript 2.0 to ActionScript 3.0, taking the opportunity to do a complete rewrite of it, implementing a lot of things I've been wanting to do for some time, but were limited by AS2 and unable to do so.

The first thing you'll notice is that everything graphically has been updated. Things will still be familiar, but much has also changed. I will try and highlight the changes below, but you may be better off just trying it instead.

Updates Summary:
-- Complete client rewrite -- should operate much smoother, and faster on all machines!
-- Pretty much all the graphics have been updated (thanks CTaulborg!)
-- Modular layout, more control over customizing the positioning of windows, etc.
-- Added a Settings popup (ESC key to toggle it)
-- Moved chat logs out of a stationary window. You can toggle a movable chat logs history window with the "L" key.
-- Drops appear in a popup (you can move this wherever you want.) You can toggle it with the "O" key.
-- Spacebar still closes all popups.
-- All items now display in an icon format, with text as follows:
---- Top left = magical level (# of magical stats)
---- Top right = item tier
---- Bottom right = quantity (if applicable)
-- All character images have been redrawn
-- Characters now show the equipment you are wearing! This also applies to other players in catacombs!
-- Catacombs has been updated; players now appear along the left side. Group stats popup when hovering on the Experience bar.
-- To move position in the catacombs, click the arrow next to your name. Far left = back, far right = forward, middle = middle.
-- To auto attack, click and hold the left mouse button. Down arrow requirement has been removed! This applies to all monsters and other players!
-- Trashcan on the vault withdraw page, to quick delete items you no longer want
-- Inventory Equipment moveable -- will save positions upon logging out for next login!
-- Quickbar and Selected Attack also are saved between sessions
-- Sort icons added to equipment and items
-- To CHAT, press ENTER to open the chat box, type, then hit enter to send.
-- Guild vault transfer day purchases are now logged and viewable in the guild logs
-- Glyphs now show remaining time in a shortened form when in use.
-- Viewing the ladder shows your character highlighted if on the ladder.
-- Master Quest has been given a SIGNIFICANT overhaul and update.

-- Transmuting difficulty significantly decreased at lower levels.
-- Mirror Maze now gives 2 to 5 guild points upon completion
-- Fish/Comfrey stacks now total the amounts added, rather than averaging them. This will ensure that no amount is lost with high quantity stacks!

Bug Fixes:
-- Fishing first action snag bug fixed
-- Suffusencing a single fish or comfrey would not give it EE appropriately (stacks did work).

.. + more.. will update as soon as possible. Enjoy!!

(These changes will allow me to do much cooler updates in the future. The modular layout is optimal for allowing more things to be done/added!)

To play the new version, make sure you go back to the main portal (https://ladderslasher.d2jsp.org) and click the appropriate window size button. The links have been updated. This should help for people that had old version caching troubles in the past.

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