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Nov 15 2009 09:59pm
So here is a short but easy guide to understand :) It will follow of 4 simple steps.

Table of Contents.

1. What to put in the Suffusencer.
2. What happens to the item you put in.
3. What happens when i pass it?
4. Frequently asked questions.

1. What to put in the Suffusencer

What you put in the suffusencer is items like:

- Comfrey's
- Glyphs
- Fish

Those items will get Suffusenced. What the other item you put in the Suffusencer is Essences. This will add the Enhanced Effect.

Your screen at this point should look somewhat like this: http://i383.photobucket.com/albums/oo278/JoeBritts/guide-1.jpg

After you get to that screen you can decide what to put in the Suffusencer. You can put: Fish, Comfrey's, and Glyphs.. Just remember -- YOU NEED A ESSENCE; The same tier as the Fish, Comfrey or Glyph :)

A Short-cut to put the item/essence in is hold shift and click -- It'll automatically put the item in the box.

2. What happens to the item you put in

The beginning of the Suffusence should look like this: http://i383.photobucket.com/albums/oo278/JoeBritts/guide2.jpg

When your at that stage if a word called: Extract ! or Suffuse ! pop's up then You click the button accordingly. Just like Glyphing :)

3. 3. What happens when i pass it?

When you pass you should get something similar to this: http://i383.photobucket.com/albums/oo278/JoeBritts/guide3.jpg

The reason i have mana is because my fish was a mana fish with 99% cooked. Your fish, comfrey, or glyph will look the same as it did before unless its fish or comfrey then it'll add more life/mana depending on the ee on it :D .

Suffusencing adds more to the mana the more ee you have. The ee ranges from 1-20 for magical 2-40 go rare etc.

Suffusencing will ALWAYS add ee as long as you pass. You may put them in stacks if they are fish or comfreys.

4. 3. Frequently asked questions

Some frequently asked questions are:

Q: Where does my Fish, Comfrey, or Glyph go?
A:It goes to the inventory, it will go separately not with the stack. If it was with the stack then it would add to the whole stack and not vary like it does now.

Q: What happens when i fail?
A:It goes nowhere, the item and essence just disappear when you fail.

Q: How do i fail?
A: You may fail by misclick the wrong button ( e.g. Extract ! or Suffuse ! )

Q: How much proficiency do i get for suffusencing ?
A: You can get a range of experience from 0.1% - 0.5%

Q: Why is the experience so low?
A: The experience is low because the reward is a lot higher.

I wanna thank Paparick for helping me review, also the moderating of it :)
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