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Jan 27 2005 02:01am

The purpose of this build is to gain lots of gold quickly in order to gamble, to repair items/shopping, or just to satisfy that desire to gamble. Since there are a lot of nice items like rares to be gambled, youll never know what will come up.

There are several characters you can choose on basing a Gold Find build on, most will be chars that arent item dependant like: Summon Necs, Hammerdins, Sorcs etc. I will be focusing on a Barbarian since they can hold the most amounts of Gold Find items and can also Hork corpses for even more gold.


Battle Orders: 20
Shout: 20
Battle Command: 1
Find Item: 20
Natural Resistance: 20
Increased Speed: 5+

The rest of the skill points can either go into Increased Speed or Iron Skin.


Weapons: 2 * 6 Lem Crystal Swords (450% GF each) | 2 * Alibabas socketed with Lems (249% GF @ lvl 99 or 399% with Lems, each).
Weapon switch: 2 * Echoing weapons
Armor: Wealth runeword (lem+ko+tir) (300% GF) | Goldskin (100% GF/150% +Lem)
Helm: Crown of Thieves (up to 100% GF/150% +Lem) |
Tarnhelm (75% GF/125% +Lem)
Gloves: Chance Guards (200%)
Belt: Goldwrap (up to 80%)
Boots: Inferno Stride (up to 70%) | Rare boots with 80% Gold find

Rings: 2 * Dwarf Star (2* 100% GF)
Amulet: Magic/Rare amulet with 80% Gold find

Inventory: Gheeds GC (up to 160% GF), 40% Extra GF GCs and 10% Extra GF scs

Merc Gear:

Weapon: Eth Bonehew (or any other weapon without cold dmg)
Armor: Eth Wealth
Helm: Eth Crown of Thieves | Eth Tarnhelm

*Socket your gear and the mercs with Lem runes/ extra GF jewels where appropriate.
*Try not to use items that add to Cold damage, since we cant Hork shattered corpses.

Merc choices to be used are either from Act 2 NM Might Merc, or an Act 2 Hell Defiance Merc, I find that the Hell Defiance merc is good enough for this purpose, but it depends on how dedicated you are to leveling mercs.


Stats will depend on what equipment you choose to go with,

Strength: Enough to wear the heaviest item.
Dexterity: Some Dex might be required if you choose to use Alibaba's or the Echoing Weapons might need some.
Vitality: All the rest
Energy: Nothing


Since we are trying to get the most Gold Find %, the Barb itself wont be able to kill anything, hell be playing an supporting role, so well be getting the Merc to do all the killing for us (bonus % gold find too, since the merc gets the kills). Travincal runs are quick to run and killing the council members drop a lot of gold, Hell Travincal runs are too hard using this setup so Nightmare Travincal runs is where this build shines. This build should be complete around level 75-80+ since the higher the clvl the more gold can be stored in the stash.

At the start of the run take the Travincal WP and then buff up the Barb and Merc with Battle Command, Battle Orders and then Shout. Once thats done run to the council members and then take the staircase down to Durance of Hate lvl 1, the reason behind this is sometimes the merc will get stuck somewhere and this will ensure hes in the thick of the action when re-emerging. Once the merc has killed the council, proceed to Hork (Find Item) all the surrounding corpses, this should result in even more piles of gold drops/items.

Each run should last around 2 minutes, and itll take on average about 10 runs to max the gold in the stash ~2 Million, just mule the gold off to your Gambling Char when that happens.

When Gambling it often helps to use your highest level character, useful equipment to use while gambling consists of,

Edge runeword (tir+tal+amn) Ladder only this reduces Vendor prices by 15%
Gheeds GC can also have up to 15% reduce vendor prices.

Using this equipment will help reduce Gambling prices, so your Gold to use for gambling will last that little bit longer wink.gif

Best of luck to all of you on your gambling experiences. bier.gif

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Jan 27 2005 02:11am
Excellent Guide, I'v considered making one but have no real reason to gamble.

Also, if you cannot kill and your merc does the killing...Does he receive the Gold find bonus from Your items or must you kill to receive all the extra gold.
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Jan 27 2005 02:13am
I think enigma is more useful than a wealth armor. It allows for far faster runs with the extra frw and teleport. The best thing however, is that you'll have control of your merc and thus be able to kill faster & safer.
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Jan 27 2005 02:14am
Thanks, yes the merc receives the gold find bonus from your items as well as its own equipment...so they're both combined, similar to using mf'ing equipment on mercs and letting them do the killing to recieve the combined bonus
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Jan 27 2005 07:39am
look's good... and not expensive^^

Think i'm gonna make one biggrin.gif
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Jan 27 2005 12:05pm
Nice input Noddie, all information is given, in a nice layout. Can u tell me what's the best thing you've got gambled?

Anyway, nice idea and if I got enough lems I'll consider making such one wink.gif
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Jan 27 2005 01:16pm
i would say use eth bone hew + eth andys visage (or eth gaze) + eth stone (or eth fortitude if your ladder) on merc and enigma instead of Wealth, so merc kills faster and enigma so you can control your merc a little bit
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Jan 27 2005 04:44pm
@ kanniball-gws - best items so far are probably some rare circlets (+2 skill other mods too) along with a few of those +3 skill tree amulets

@ Hgga - Andy's Visage is a nice helm, but the killing speed difference isnt that significant over the CoT. I wouldnt recommend Eth Gaze since it adds cold damage to the merc's attacks, that can be bad since as i mentioned in the guide it can result in shattered corpses, therefore no horking afterwards.
As for the Eth Stone, its not necessary either since we're goldfinding in Nightmare Travincal, not to mention you'll lose up to 450% Extra Goldfind by not using CoT+Wealth.

As for Enigma, morotsjos already mentioned that. Sure it could be used, but it'll only take a few seconds to run to the council anyway, and once you click the staircase to go down and then go back up again, your merc will be with you...so there's some merc control right there. Anyhow the difference would probably only be a few seconds, but we're trying to avoid Realm Downs these days arent we? wink.gif
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Jan 27 2005 05:47pm
Hi Noddie,

And what about a java without skillers...
Fast kills, Full of expensive items, tons of money at larzuc !!!

The best thing of my build is that you also can play with it !!!

K, i am out
KiRBY HUnter
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Jan 27 2005 06:36pm
QUOTE (Headworks @ Jan 27 2005, 11:47 PM)
Hi Noddie,

And what about a java without skillers...
Fast kills, Full of expensive items, tons of money at larzuc !!!

The best thing of my build is that you also can play with it !!!

K, i am out

why dont u just wear lightsabers with lems
That way you can keep some killing power, have fun, still get a bit of gold
Of course
nice guide
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