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May 15 2009 07:20am
v1.15 Release Notes:
  • Spawn rate of Evil Presence has been increased
  • Added a /quality command, that can be used to set your client quality. This is useful if you have a slower computer. Check the command reference for more info.
  • No Maze catacombs has been removed (as it was originally planned to ONLY be a stepping stone into maze catacombs)
  • Drop rates have been increased (the rate at which a monster may drop an item)
  • Updated checkboxes on client to look more intuitively like a checkbox
  • Leveling up in Arena will automatically advance the level of the resummon monster, so you don't have to go back to town (MCC still resets)
  • Hovering over groups now shows who is in the group
  • /online will list how many people are looking for a group in a SC/HC format.
  • Rogues, Monks, and Ninjas can now detect trapdoors and allow your party to optionally use them or not. (Only requires that one of these characters is in the group, not necessarily the leader)
  • Added Objectives to the game (See Below for more details)
  • Added a Looking For Group (LFG) system. Each time someone creates a group that you could join, you will be notified, and be able to Join it directly by clicking the Join button next to the game in the bottom right section of the screen. The notifications will appear no matter where you are, as long as you are not already in another group. This allows both those creating games, and those that wish to join the ability to easily find others to group with.
Objectives are mini accomplishments you can achieve with your character. The criteria of each objective varies. Some simply require a certain level, others require completing a previous objective first. Completion of an objective will result in a reward to your character (which varies from objective to objective). As of this release, all objectives are obtainable only in the Catacombs. When an objective is enabled, you will be notified in the chat box window.
- Individual details on objectives may be released later, but for now, explore them and have fun! See what you can figure out on your own! Please note that the first objective is enabled at LEVEL 5!
- More objectives info is and will be posted here: https://ladderslasher.d2jsp.org/index.php?g=18

I am pretty sure I missed a lot of other small details, but will update this topic if I remember them.

- Updated Group Create Invite spam protection, you should no longer get spammed by people that create and leave a game repeatedly for the purpose of spamming invites.
- Group invites should now be automatically removed if the group maker leaves (before engaging), or engages the group.

You'll need client 1.15.0 to login (clear cache/refresh if it doesn't show up).

Have fun!
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