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#1 Apr 30 2009 11:05am
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Political and Religious Debate Forum Decorum

As an active forum within the d2jsp community, the general expectation is that everyone will try to have fun and follow the general rules and policies of the site. Usually, that is what happens. Sometimes a reminder about what can and can’t be posted is worth reading for sake of helping keep the forums clean. The following is a list of topics that have recently been reposted too many times, and it’s not meant to be exhaustive of all the repeatedly reposted topics:
  • 9/11 inside job threads
  • Marijuana legalization threads
  • "How to get into heaven when you die”
  • God isn't real threads/God exists threads
  • Bible passage threads for sake of spam
  • Racist or misogynist topics
  • News Stories that are straight copy/paste without commentary/points of discussion
  • Flame topics, topics related to vent, Wrong Forum topics
These topics tend to deliberately or unintentionally create spam fests. They also provoke drama. If those subjects are covered in topics, it’s a good idea to make sure that your posts have some content (it’s always a good idea, because spam isn’t okay), because the Moderator Team checks these topics more closely. Sometimes a joke will appear ambiguous, a casual remark will offend someone, etc..

Here some useful tips for when you post:
  • Consider the feeling of others when posting about “delicate” subjects
  • Repeating yourself or flaming doesn’t enhance your argument or point
  • Don’t pick on people for mistakes in spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.. We don’t need “Grammar Police”. Just let it be
  • Try not to put others down. It doesn’t build you up, and it only leaves a sour taste in everyone’s mouth. Not everyone is well educated, good at self-expression, or up-to-date on recent events. Again, let it be, or at least try to help someone out by trying to put the point another way

Please consider these suggestions carefully. They are designed to help you navigate and use the Political and Religious Discussion Forum smoothly and with an aim to building a better community. After all, a chief aim of political discourse is to make life better for everyone.

Thanks to wassabi-69 for creating an earlier version of the Rules Of The Political/religious Forum.
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