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Apr 28 2009 06:40pm
Just a quick update to transmuting, it changed a little bit to allow players more control over the transmuting process. Now, you can lower the volatility back down by clicking the Stabilize button. By doing this, it also allows you to use skill to transmute items considerably higher than you otherwise would be able to. Be sure to try it out with some Magical Tier I items first, till you get the hang of it. :)

Couple other minor updates, and a partial fix to welling, should give rares more often than magical now (about 50/50). Still evaluating welling, and watching the numbers.

Make sure your client shows version 1.14.1 on the login screen, otherwise transmuting will "do nothing" when you attempt it on the old version.

Have fun!

(Thanks to NevV for making the Mute and Essence icons for profiles!)
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