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Mar 22 2009 10:23am
v1.13.3 is now released with the following changes:
- You can now filter by Tier on the marketplace (instead of levels)
- When selecting "Only Items I Can Use" as a filter, you can override with tiers if you wish (to view items higher level than your character can equip currently)
- Fixed the fishing + monster glitch on the client, that would sometimes not make it show the well image
- Glyphs are now shrinable
- You no longer gain +1 kill if you gain 0 experience for a kill (either in arena, or in catacombs).
- Fixed a bug with cooking at levels above rank 1
- Account name is now remembered at the login page (on successful login only)
- The enter key will now trigger the Login button on the password fields
- Fixed a client bug with life/mana regen and jubilance related to glyphs
- Accessory hotkey changed from A to R
- Window positioning is now fixed if you get disconnected. It will no longer move all your popups to the top left
- In maze catacombs, when the leader levels up, so does the difficulty of the monsters! It is no longer necessary to make "next game" @ leader level ups!

Thanks, have fun guys!
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