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Mar 3 2009 09:30am
Hi Everyone!

- Fixed the 71 <-> 80 level groups joining each other. Should be able to join both ways now. (Maze)
- Added STACKING to the game:
You can now stack fish based upon your proficiency in Fishing and/or Cooking. The higher proficiencies you have, the larger stacks of various tiers you can make!
Example: The current top fisher and cooker can make stacks of 21 Tier I fish! (Rank 13 and 7 respectively)
These of course can be bought/sold on the market. There are no restrictions to using such stacks, only creating them.

- To create a stack, simple drag one fish onto another fish (or stack onto another stack).
- Fish must be cooked, at least to 1% or higher (no burnt fish)
- Fish must be the same tier
- Fish combined become the average effect of all the combined fish. For instance, +50 life and +100 life will give you 2x +75 life stacked fish. You can also mix and match life/mana fish as well.

More stack info here: http://ladderslasher.d2jsp.org/index.php?g=17

This update requires client v1.13.2 to be displayed @ the login page. If you don't have this version, you will not be able to see stacks.

Have fun! biggrin.gif
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