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Feb 7 2009 05:16am
Please be aware that the Trade Rules and Forum Rules and Policies apply to all area's of d2jsp. Additional rules below.

*Any violation(s) to the following rules will result in warns or other punishment.
*Any of the following via pm is not allowed, if you do D2jsp will not refund you for any loss or damage.
  • NO trading of Microsoft points or Exclusive Game Content codes.
  • NO trading of Microsoft points or xbox live subscription cards of any time length.
  • NO discussion of how to mod your xbox or its accessories in any manner that promotes piracy or enables the ability to cheat or hack in online multiplayer games.
  • NO discussion of bridging or how to bridge in a manner that is to gain an advantage in online multiplayer games.
  • NO Fix my console topics, or anything else that voids warranty. Basic troubleshooting is fine like set up instructions, or network connection issues. But nothing involving
    opening up your console to fix anything that Microsoft tech support would not tell you over the phone them self. Includes "towel trick".
  • Do not start fights, look for fights, or harass to provoke others to fight.
You may discuss about games, gamerscores, achievements, upcoming games, the system itself, and Xbox Live gaming etc..
Please have a good time and keep things clean and respectable to the d2jsp rules.

Update: as of Jan 29 2009

Trading xbox live subscription codes and Microsoft point codes are now allowed in the Donor Forum.
Read here for more information on how to get access to the Donor Forum: http://forums.d2jsp.org/index.php?showtopic=14781115
These codes still cannot be traded here! Attempting to trade them may result in warnings and suspensions, or worse.
Of course if you violate this rule and get scammed, d2jsp will not refund any loss.

Thanks to Raffles and whoismiked2 for the first versions of this Guide!
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