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Sep 23 2008 01:02pm
I am pleased to announce the release of v1.11!

Feature summary:
- Added some crafting skills! Fishing, and Cooking (And proficiencies!)
- New items
- Inventory is now split between equipment and items. You can now carry 16 items, in addition to your equipment.
- You can ctrl-click an item to use/equip it
- Redesigns, and cleanups to the UI (market is started, but not yet completed, will finish as a supplemental upgrade in the future)
- You can drop healing items onto other players in your group to use that item on them!
- Numerous server optimizations that should reduce/eliminate various high load lag related conditions (ie, during archiving)
- Marketplace enhancements, can now specify ITEM TYPE for specific item searches

Once again, all proficiencies are now permanent on your character, so long as you do not delete your character!

More details will be provided shortly! Enjoy!

Thanks to Animage, _dmx_, _Mork_, and Gary for helping beta test.
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Sep 23 2008 01:02pm

Hmm, hope it doesn't get too close to Runescape.

Thanks for updates.

This post was edited by iin77 on Sep 23 2008 01:05pm
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Sep 23 2008 01:02pm

Doh second ^^

This post was edited by cphannes on Sep 23 2008 01:02pm
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Sep 23 2008 01:02pm
Thanks wink.gif
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Sep 23 2008 01:03pm
Oh that is awesome, thanks again Paul smile.gif
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Sep 23 2008 01:03pm
before i say YAY -- will have to test-drive it smile.gif
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Sep 23 2008 01:03pm
Sounds cool
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Sep 23 2008 01:03pm
omg very fast
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Sep 23 2008 01:03pm
YAY GREAT heart.gif
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Sep 23 2008 01:03pm
Nice happy.gif
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