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Sep 9 2008 02:32pm

Bug Fixes:
- Duplicate item drops (glitched) fixed in catacombs
- Double error message for full inventory now fixed
- Resummon button no longer appears after using the Well of Evil

New Features:
- You can now explore the catacombs alone (beware, it won't be easy)
- New Catacombs mode (default), maze exploration (lots of goodies and changes) -- Use Arrow Keys to move around and explore
- Item image displays behind item stats
- New Item added: Magical/Rare Comfrey
* Can spawn with a heal life, and/or recover mana. Can only be used outside of combat, but CAN be used in the catacombs!
- Item drops tweaked, various things should drop more often (heavy weapons and items)
- User text now colors the name of the person talking in bold and blue.
- New command added to the chat box to clear the contents (it will no longer auto truncate!): /clear
- Combat Stats popup added that displays details about everyone in the group (damage/heals)

New Catacombs Maze Details:
- By default when you create a group, it will be in "maze mode". This allows you to explore a randomly generated maze to look for fun and prizes!
- You can select "No Explore" to play Classic Catacombs in waves.
- If a group in the list is in "No Explore" mode, it will say "No Maze" in the description.
- Use the Arrow Keys to move around when in the catacombs in explore mode. Your position is indicated by a character icon.
- You will get in random fights while moving through the catacombs
- There are (currently) 4 types of random occurances that can occur in a given room:
* Heal Room - Heals you and your party (life and mana!)
* Teleporter - Randomly teleports you to another location in the maze
* Treasure Chest - A treasure chest full of fun and prizes smile.gif
* Mini Bosses - Monsters that have more life, and are generally stronger than the usual riff-raff in the catacombs. They of course have much higher chances to drop awesome things, and will give lots of experience.

More details to come..

Thanks to Gary, Sabine, _dmx_, Animage, and _Mork_ for testing, and lobb for the image for the new item. smile.gif
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Sep 9 2008 02:32pm
n1 but i dont need it

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Sep 9 2008 02:32pm
nice thx
whats explore??

wow nice single catas smile.gif

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Sep 9 2008 02:32pm
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Sep 9 2008 02:32pm

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Sep 9 2008 02:32pm
nice biggrin.gif
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Sep 9 2008 02:32pm
nice smile.gif
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Sep 9 2008 02:33pm
woho nice biggrin.gif
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Sep 9 2008 02:33pm

Everyone Donate Me !

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Sep 9 2008 02:33pm
YAY wink.gif
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