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Jul 18 2008 01:25pm

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Jul 18 2008 01:26pm
Nice gallery
maybe try working on text on next sigs tho

I like the 2nd one (guitarist)
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Jul 18 2008 02:02pm
Some are nice, some aren't as nice. Keep it up.
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Jul 18 2008 02:05pm
Hi there.

Very nice gallery, especially the top right one.

Work on text and use original renders - or no renders at all.

Keep at it smile.gif
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Jul 18 2008 02:29pm
Left side, Third down is my favorite.
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Jul 18 2008 02:43pm
to 2 are very nice.

really like that bellamy one.

gj on those 2.

others arent really doin it for me
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Jul 18 2008 03:27pm
i liek the black red and white one wink.gif
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Jul 18 2008 03:38pm
Work on you'r text!!! PLEASE.
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Jul 18 2008 05:36pm
i like your imagination. it adds something new.
work on text+( and this imo is very imp) color coordination some of the colors do not go together for example in your sig the one with the man using a torch the red is way out of the mood>
but in general nice galerry

by the way my favorite is the one at the right second row
but as NMU once pointed out to me : it is good to get depth< you should imo blurred the sword
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Jul 18 2008 06:58pm
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