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Jun 7 2008 12:39pm
Hello Everyone!

I am pleased to announce the release of a new version of Ladder Slasher that includes the much anticipated Multiplayer features! You can now team up with other Ladder Slasher players, and form groups to combat hoards of monsters within the Catacombs. Compete with other players to take down the monsters, and grab the loot!

New Features:
- Group play, create or join other groups of players, to fight together in the Catacombs
- Guild group bonuses - receive bonuses for having a party that consists of people from only the same guild
- Strategic position within your group to help defray chances of being hit by monsters
- Single Use Items - Potions and Totems, that only drop in the Catacombs (very rare item drops)
- Potions that add permanent + to various stat(s)! They can even spawn with multiple stats on a single potion!
- Totems that add + Guild Points and/or + [Unused] Stat Points!

Here is a sample screenshot of what it looks like during our beta testing:

Come join the fun, click Play Ladder Slasher in the top right corner to give it a try! It's free to play, and fun to enjoy!

Have fun!

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