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Mar 27 2024 08:05am
Have two websites I need to create a backup/history of, to google sheets. Also need Source code.

No login required, I will run it daily so don't need any scheduling code, it will scrape:

1. any found ID/unique identifier like UPC or SKU
2. name of item
3. price
4. instock or not

the second site has a login, which I will enter on my end and run said script.
same data.

Paying in FG. Fiverr sucks, be my Jsper!
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Mar 28 2024 09:29am

CotySr can vouch for my skills : https://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=101529200&f=120
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Apr 2 2024 03:28pm
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Apr 4 2024 03:21pm

posting to formalize

I will make a scraper for the 4 URLs you sent me via pm
the scraper will output a CSV for each of the pages
the CSV will have the following columns: [id,license,name,price,flag,availability]
you will receive the source code and the instructions on how to start the scraper

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