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Feb 13 2024 12:47pm
Return that shit.

ChatGPT's first two lines were spot on;

-Microscopic Damage: Stress tests primarily check for immediate operational issues. However, they might not detect microscopic cracks or soldering issues that could worsen over time.
-Thermal Cycling: Repeated heating and cooling during normal use can exacerbate minor flaws, potentially leading to failure.

If the solder job gets a hairline crack over time the constant heating/cooling of that solder will further extend that crack and you'll start having heat issues/failures.

Shove it up their asses lol
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Feb 13 2024 01:28pm
Quote (ZeaLORDeaL @ Feb 13 2024 10:29am)
I would return,

maybe it's fine - but for 2.2k I'd have higher standards.

Also if there is a problem, it's never going to be easier to deal with it than right now

better to be pre-emptive.

I agree. Open it up & if you have ANY doubts or uncertainty then return it. Amazon already owned up to shipping it incorrectly.
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Feb 15 2024 12:23am
100% unacceptable return asap.

then remember to buy amd.
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Feb 15 2024 08:10pm
So I put this rig together and everything is working smoothly so far, no immediately obvious issues. I thought about it and I think I'll run torture tests in random frequencies and durations for the next two weeks or so, and if it passes muster I'll keep. If not, I'll be in the return window and can send it back. If it can survive these tests I feel confident it's reasonably unharmed and risk level is worth keeping.

Prime95 CPU torture test for 10 minutes:

OCCT GPU torture test for 10 minutes:

By the way, thanks everyone for help on this! <3

This post was edited by neosoph on Feb 15 2024 08:22pm
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