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> Looking For Set Items And More For Necro Softcore! > Xbox
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Joined: Mar 23 2023
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Feb 6 2024 01:55pm
Looking to find some Set items and more for Necro! Looking to finish my achievements and have some fun!

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Feb 6 2024 04:15pm
I only have a full hax set for dh. That means if you use any other character you cannot use the weapon. 1500 fg. All items can be used at level 1.

This post was edited by Haoqdlam on Feb 6 2024 04:19pm
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Feb 12 2024 09:04am
yoyo just woke up so ill be on for a little if you need i can run you gr 150 for a while and see if we can gear you up and if u need bountys or anything else can help aswell (all free)
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