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Jan 15 2024 08:04am

Hello everyone, I am pleased to announce v1.33.0 is now finalized for release. The change list is quite large, including a number of new features, challenges, and lots of new monster abilities, but here is a quick summary of some of the highlights:

You can now add a custom Name for your Group:
This will allow you to let others know your plans. Are you whistling? Do you just need 1 more person? Now you can specify them.

Added a Night Time mode for the Town:

In-game vault transfer notifications:

Full summary of changes:
New Features:
  • Abilities hotkeys can now be redefined in the settings.
  • Added a "Set Town to Night Time" mode in the Settings that will use darker colors for the town screens (Dark Mode)
  • Enigmatic Emblems now have a random chance to create a Well
  • Enigmatic Emblems now have a random chance to create a Warm Light
  • Enigmatic Emblems now have a random chance to Teleport your party
  • Enigmatic Emblems now have a random chance to create a Treasure Chest
  • Enigmatic Emblems now have a random chance to summon an Evil Presence
  • Enigmatic Emblems now have a random chance to drop you through a Trapdoor (except in a Map)
  • Enigmatic Emblems now have a random chance to whistle for Monsters
  • Enigmatic Emblems now have a random chance to give an Experience boost
  • Enigmatic Emblems now have a random chance to do an Experience drain
  • Added a Settings option to toggle Hide Skilling Abort Button
  • When a guild member transfers an item to your vault you will now receive an in-game notification, similar to the market item sold message.
  • Added a /town PLAYER command for the group leader that can be used to shove an inactive player back to town. The player must be inactive for at least 2 minutes before this command can be used.
  • You can now add +5 stat points at a time by doing a ctrl-click on the +Stat
  • You can now create a Group Name when creating or editing your group.
    - Maximum length is 32 characters.
    - Group names can only be alphanumeric and spaces
    - You must have completed at least one master quest (per season) to use this, or have reset the ladder in the past. This counts for whatever character is currently being used, not your entire account.
    - All forum rules apply: No inappropriate content, or anything that violates site rules (flaming, harassment, etc)
    - If no group name is chosen (or valid, per the above criteria), the display will default back to the guild name if applicable.
  • Fishing in the Evil Well now has a chance to catch a monster
  • Fishing in the Evil Well now has a chance to catch an evil presence
  • Fishing in the Evil Well now has a chance to catch an item

  • Group lists now show Loading... to indicate loading, and "No Groups Available', as appropriate.
  • New groups will no longer pop up while you are skilling, but will wait to show until you have finished the current skill.
  • The group list will refresh periodically and only show currently available groups.
  • When experience is lost, the experience bar will now animate to a red color and back to green.
  • Assigning an ability to a hotkey is now down simply by hovering over the ability and pressing one of the three chosen hotkeys, rather than click+hotkey.
  • Help and Guides -> Magical Stats for Maps updated to add + % Stealth and + Evil Wells
  • When searching for players, there is now visual feedback to indicate loading, and when the list is complete or there are no players found.
  • For clarity, an error message is now displayed when attempting to search for groups while already in a group, as this is not allowed.
  • When you are disconnected, an overlay indicating this now appears and that the game is attempting to reconnect.

  • On the Stats window, the +Stat buttons and spacing around them has been increased on mobile.

Monster Changes:
  • Goocidic has a new ability: Acid Etch
  • Reduca has a new ability: Brainduction
  • Voltseeker has a new ability: Shocknesia
  • Magaton now has base ability: Deep Layers
  • Subsorber now has base ability: Sunspots
  • Walktopus has a new ability: Sandshuffle
  • Magneticrawler now has base ability: Pedipalpsis
  • Barkodile has a new ability: Bark Attack
  • Elephoerectus has a new ability: Roaring Blast
  • Debrivil has a new ability: Evil Eyes
  • Prowlion has a new ability: Suffering Succotash
  • Incapacitor has a new ability: Defensive Memory Loss
  • Shonark has a new ability: Sonic Gloom
  • Frigadoon has a new ability: First Snow
  • Sharfin has a new ability: Finado
  • Taga has a new ability: Hugnocate
  • Wyrmbat has a new ability: Ceiling Ambush
  • Stormtalon has a new ability: Sharp Talons
  • Huntracter has a new ability: Hidden Strike
  • Razortail has a new ability: Trip Wire
  • Gargrrryl has a new ability: Guardian Instinct
  • Barrenray has a new ability: Sand Trap
  • Blistorb has a new ability: Hot Box
  • Fremlin has a new ability: Split Apart
  • Fremlin has a new ability: Too Hot

  • Enigmatic Emblem Glyphs now only apply to party members in the Catacombs
  • Comfrey use cooldown reduced by 75%
    Note: This reduces the cooldown afterusing it, not before. For instance, if you do a regular attack, you still have ~1s cooldown before you can use any item.
  • You can no longer /kick a player that is under an action timeout delay (paralyzed, attacking, etc)
  • The /kick command obeys the action timeout delay, so the leader can't use it under the same conditions as above
  • When catching a monster, evil presence, or item in the well, there is a chance it will break the well, same as throwing in a white item
  • As a result of the ability to customize your ability hotkeys, abilities are now used strictly as a toggle feature. You must now press and release the hotkey to activate the ability on your next attack. You can deactivate it by pressing the hotkey again.

Bug Fixes & Optimizations:
  • Fixed a very rare crash bug that could occur when a hardcore player dies in a group while being attacked by a multi-attack monster
  • Fixed a bug that would allow map treasure chests to spawn more items than intended
  • Fixed a bug where saving the settings would make the Go To Town button appear if in town.
  • When a player dies in a group, their reduced experience % will now properly update right away to the other players.
  • Fixed a potential rare crash bug when the server reloads config files for bi-weekly events.
  • Fixed a line wrap display issue on the minimum/maximum ranges on the Groups -> Find Players tab

* Make sure you access the game through the portal, as it has a new URL.

v1.32 release notes: https://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=84111329&f=272

Thanks and enjoy!
Posts: 24,324
Joined: Sep 24 2002
Gold: 29,061.71
Trader: Trusted
Mar 13 2024 05:01pm
Good evening,

We are happy to announce the release of version 1.33.1. This update includes numerous client side fixes and improvements, as well as a couple of gameplay changes.

Please see below for the full list of changes:
  • Abilities are now triggered onkeydown instead of onkeyup
  • Fixed a bug where hovering over an ability and pressing any key would assign it to that key
  • Mobile: When inventory is open, any changes to life/mana will now pop up a temporary copy of your life/mana bars. This is useful to show damage taken, or life healed while eating fish/comfreys.
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn't allow abilities to be assigned until the player had entered the catacombs at least once
  • Fixed a bug where Hide Maze Arrows and Whistle Icon setting was not reloading properly
  • Market Buy Attribute Filters will now automatically change to the type of item you are searching for. For example, selecting Items -> Maps will now show only map stats to search from.
  • Selected attack border color is now more visible (white) in Night Mode and in the regular Catacombs
  • Fishing Rods added to the Help and Guides - Magical Stats section
  • When assigning a hotkey that is assigned to another key, the original hotkey it was assigned to is now set to empty on the settings screen to be more clear that it was reset.
  • The Stats -> Ability Hot Keys section is now hidden on mobile, as it is not applicable there
  • The experience penalty for dying has been removed.
  • There is now a 60 second cooldown to re-enter the catacombs after dying.

Thanks and enjoy!
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