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Jan 12 2024 09:31am
Quote (ElleSmith @ 11 Jan 2024 05:29)
Hello! Everybody, Hope you guys are doing well this is Elle smith and I'm an Health & Fitness expert and have a 5+ years of experience into the industry. I would love share my thoughts and also learn from you all as well.
My daily gym routine looks like this:
Mon: Chest
Tue: Legs Press
Wed: Squats
Thu: Strenght Training
Fri: Dead Lifts
Sat/Sun offcourse: :zzz:
This looks like my gym casual from Mon-Fri that's make me help to increase strength, balance, endurance, and flexibility.
If any suggestion I'll love to hear that as well :)

Nice I like to combine squats first then finish with the leg press followed by rest day 😜.
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Jan 29 2024 04:35pm
I'm 2 months in, down 10 pounds, mirror showing some bulbous horse girth. god bless these noob gains, gets me excited to come back for more
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Jan 30 2024 09:03am
Quote (SBD @ Nov 28 2023 08:17am)
I personally do zero fluff exercises and I have quite a bit of mass and have pretty decent cardio now since I started doing half marathons.

Monday - Flat bench work, no accessory work - Run 8km
Tuesday - Squat work, no accessory work - Walk 10km
Wednesday - Nothing - Walk 10km
Thursday - Triceps and upper back - Close grip bench work followed by a minimum of 40 weighted chin ups and pull ups followed by another 60 or so non-weighted. Weight reps and grips always change. Might do triples over and over with 80-90lbs, might do sets of 8 with 45lbs. Whatever I fee like. Unweighted sets just go to failure. Then some additional single arm tricep work
Friday - Deadlifts - Run 8km . While this does not feel awesome at the time because my deadlifts are usually pretty heavy 400-600lbs depending on the day, I have found if I force myself to run, my back does not tighten up like when I used to do deadlifts and just go home.
Saturday or Sunday I do a long run - 15 km+

I used to do all the bullshit accessory work in my early years, I just do more compound sets now and my body is as big as ever and I am still pretty strong. Some strength loss since I've been doing a lot of cardio but, worth it now that I'm well into my 30s.

Since I have been on a bit of a cardio tirade and am evolving into the middle aged dude I decided i'd try a kettlebell. Have legitimately never touched one in my life other than to move it out of my way.

Its been great though and honestly great for my shoulders. Doing lots of halos into a reverse or front lunge. Been doing 30 minutes after my main strength work of 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off. Its a slaughter every time but I don't feel beat up, just tired, gassed, drenched. Like I worked hard. Something I don't walk out of the gym feeling when I did strength only. Doing strength only was more of a bad feeling, like you just blew your CNS for the next two days.
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