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Nov 21 2023 12:27am
Quote (Giraffe08 @ 21 Nov 2023 04:46)
DNA >EYE>monster

I do as

Sin Monster
Pally DNA
Sorc Eye
Druid 2x of Each
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Nov 21 2023 02:45am
I do mind the skin for prebuff in stash. For example, light skillers for es are used to cast es only. They're plain and have to have a different skin, so I won't mix them up fire skillers by accident. Same goes for shadow and trap skillers on a sin.
For normal pvming, there is no fetish preference for anything. I mean most chars look like medival peasants with shako on :lol:

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Nov 21 2023 03:23am
Quote (escroto @ Nov 20 2023 10:28pm)
the charms have eyes, monsters and DNAs on them

Spiral and Dragon are used in eu for DNA and Monster. And ofc EYE.

SCS = Bear or Bearfot, Brown and M
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