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> Big Ft List - Gear, Charms, Runes, Bases Etc.
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Nov 12 2023 12:50am
no bins since prices change every day, just offer what you think is fair
will update the list as i find more stuff

5fg minimal trade

Token of Absolution x3

Sur x1
Gul x1
Um x3
Pul x2
Lem x4
Fal x1
Ko x25
Lum x3
Io x8
Hel x54

Spirit Monarch 35fcr 146def
Merc eth treachery Balrog skin 694def

Bases - Can larzuk for 15fg
5os Matriarchal Bow 3skills
4os Matriarchal Bow 3skills
4os eth mancatcher
5os eth thresher
0os eth Colossus Blade
4os Hydra Bow 11ed (merc faith)
3os eth thresher (merc Hustle base)
5os eth BA Berserker axe
5os Eth Colossus Sword
0os Eth Colossus Sword
4oa eth CV Colossus Voulge
6os eth GPA
5os Eth CA Cryptic Axe
4os CS 15ed
4os Flail
4os eth cryptic sword
4os CA cryptic axe
4os eth Stygian Pike 9ed 2max infinity base
0os Scissors Quhab +2 claws of thunder
0os Greater Claws +2 blades of ice, +1 shadow master
0os Feral Claws +2 claws of thunder, +2 blade fury
3os Scissors Quhab +3 blades of ice, +1 death sentry, +1 Dragon Flight
3os Feral Claws +3 blades of ice
3os Suwayyah +2 phoenix strike, +1 weapon block
0os Wrist Sword +3 blades of ice

4os Monarch 148def (max def)
0os Eth Monarch 217def
0os eth monarch 222def
0os Monarch 6ed/11dur 157def
Pally Shields:
3os Kurast Shield 42@ 167def
0os Protector Shield 8ed/11dur 45@ 166def
3os Royal Shield 14ed 45@ 207def
0os Royal Shield 45@ 174def
2os Sacred Rondache 41@ 150def (Rhyme base)

3os Diadem
3os Diadem 5ed 64def
3os bone visage 155def
0os Bone visage 11ed/15dur 175def
0os eth demonhead 180def
0os eth demonhead 231def
0os demonhead 12ed 173def
0os 3bo horned helm (delirium base)
0os eth spired helm 219def

0os Sacred Armor 14ed/12dur 685def
4os Great Hauberk 9ed/14dur 547def
3os Wyrmhide 445def
3os Diamond Mail 15ed/10dur 563def
4os Diamond Mail 13ed 553def
0os eth Shadow Plate 807def
0os Kraken Shell 15ed/10dur 602def
2os Wyrmhide 11dur 447def
4os Karken Shell 13ed 592def
3os Mage Plate 230+ def (got 6)
3os Wire Fleece 422def
3os Dusk Shroud 439def
4os Wire Fleece 453def
4os Eth Balrog skin 625def
3os Great Hauberk 5ed/11dur 527def
3os Dusk Shroud 443def
4os Archon Plate 512def
4os Archon Plate 518def
4os Archon Plate 508def
4os Wyrmhide 467def

Blade of Ali Baba
Atma's Scarab
Buriza 199ed
Cat's Eye
Cerberus Bite 4/2 skills (max)
Chance Guard 34mf
Crescent Moon Amulet
Darkforce Spawn 3/2/1
Death Cleaver 251ed 8laek
Demon Machine
Duriel Shell 180ed
Dwarf Star 14mdr
Earth Shifter 295ed
Gargoyle's Bite
Giant Skull 2os 29str 428def
Goldwrap 79eg
Highlord Wrath
Infernostride 66eg x2
Kira's Guardian 61@
Leviathan 193ed, 19dr, 41str 1668def
Lycander Aim bow 193ed
Mara 28@
Marrowwalk 2skill
Mahim Oak Curio
Manald Heal 7ml
Moser's Blessed Circle
Nagelring 25mf 72ar
Nagelring 29mf
Nagelring 30mf 74 ar (1ar of perfect)
Nakozan Relic x4
Nature's Peace x2
Oculus ocy
Ormus robes +3nova, 13cd, 12ld, 15fd
Raven Frost 234/19
Reaper Toll non eth 13ll
Reaper Toll non eth 15ll
Sandstorm Trek
Sandstorm Trek 15 15
Seraph's Hymn 1skill
Shaftstop 193ed
Shaftstop 195ed
Snowclash 17bliz
Spirit Keeper
Steel Shade 104ed, 8mana leech, 9fire absorb, 13rep
Suicide Branch
Templar's Might
The Eye of etlich 6ll
The Rising sun
Thundergod's Vigor tgods 197ed
Titan's Revenge non eth random
Titan's Revenge non eth 8/200
Ume's Lament
Vampire Gaze vgaze 7/6/18
Windforce 6ml
Windforce 8ml
Wizardspike wizzy
WolfHowl 2/5/5/6

Fire Facet -4/+4 Green
Lightning Facet -3/+5 Green
Poison Facet -3/+5 White
Cold Facet -5/+4 Pink

Full Sigon
Full Aldur (boots 50fr)
Angelic Amulet
Arcanna Amulet
Cathan Seal Ring x3
Civerbs Cudgel
IK armor
Full IK minus helm
Gface Guillaume's Face x2
Griswold Valor vortex shield
Griswold helm
LOH Laying of Hands
Mavina True Sight diadem
Naj's Puzzler
Natalya Helm
Tal Helm
Tal Belt
Trang Belt
Trang Helm
Trang shield
Trang gloves

Random Rares/Blues/Jewels
Tri ress boots lvl 9 10frw, 14cr, 15lr, 18pr, 13mf req lvl 9
Dual ress boots 30frw, 33cr, 30lr, 22mf, self rep
Tri ress gloves 3life leech, 14str, 29cr, 10fr, 28pr, 23mf
5fade claw for swap - Suwayyah 3shadow, 2fade
Amazon gloves 2p&m/20IAS/8dex
Amazon gloves 2bow/20IAS/3life leech
Blue wand with life tap charges x3
Blood Gloves 10ias, 3mana leech, 2life leech, 8cb, 11life, 13fr
Blue gloves 3martial arts, 20ias

Jewel 22ed, 20lr, 26eg
Jewel 34ed -15requirements
Jewel 29ed -15requirements, 1-84 light dmg
Jewel 27fr -15requirements
Jewel 40ed 8dex
Jewel 40ed
Jewel 38ed

Amulet 3pnb skills
Amulet 29@/11mf
Amulet 3pcombat skills/25% psn length
Amulet 3 lightning skills
Amulet 1druid skills, 10fcr, 29str, 39fr, half freeze
Amulet 3 necro summon skills
Amulet 3Shapeshifting skills, 11rep life
Amulet 70eg
Amulet 25 teleport charges
Amulet 3curses, 25 teleport charges
Amulet 1sorc, 18fcr, 17@, 19mana, half freeze
Amulet 2barb 15fcr
Amulet 25teleport + random mods
Amulet 10fcr/17@
Amulet 2pnb skills, 18fcr, 44mana, 9regen, 8mf
Amulet 2barb skills, 5fcr, 3min dmg, 17mana, 5regen, 30lr

FCR rings:
Ring 10fcr, 16ar, 9str, 9mana, half freeze
Ring 10fcr, 9dex, 10cr, 8fr
Ring 10fcr, 30ar, 17cr, 9lr, 9mf
Ring 10fcr, 38ar, 10energy, 20lr, 16cr
ring 10fcr, 8life leech, 67mana, 27light resist

7x unid 100fg each

Amazon 16 16
Assassin 10 20
Druid 14 20
Paladin 17 16
Necro 19 11

Physical Sunder 11
Physical Sunder 12 x2
Physical Sunder 13

Poison Sunder 71 x2

Fire Sunder 70 x2
Fire Sunder 72

Cold Sunder 70 x2
Cold Sunder 72 x2
Cold Sunder 74
Cold Sunder 75

Lightning Sunder 72 x2
Lightning Sunder 73
Lightning Sunder 74

Magic Sudner 48
Magic Sudner 47

Amazon passive p&m skills skiller EYE
Amazon bow skiller monster
Amazon java skiller monster
Paladin Defensive Auras skiller +6 dex Monster
Paladin Offensive Auras skiller 1-22light dmg EYE
Necro summon skiller 12eg DNA
Necro summon skiller 12fhr Monster
Druid summon skiller eye x3
Druid Shapeshifting skiller 21eg EYE
Druid Shapeshifting skiller 14 life Monster

Small Charm 6mf x5
Small Charm 7mf, 27def
Small Charm 7mf x2
Small Charm 7mf/5@
Small Charm 100psn dmg x6
Small Charm 100psn dmg, 5mf
Small Charm 100psn dmg, 4mf
Small Charm 100psn dmg, 2str
Small Charm 175psn dmg/5fhr
Small Charm 175psn dmg/12life
Small Charm 13-22 fire dmg/3frw
Small Charm 11pr
Small Charm 11pr 2dex
Small Charm 9pr/5fhr
Small Charm 7lr, 17life
Small Charm 3max/14ar/13life
Small Charm 3max/20ar/1-2firedmg

Grand Charms
GC 30fr 33life
GC 17fr 44life
GC 25pr 33life
GC 9/58/37life

Random GC from lvl 96 terror zones for re-rolling (with proof) x3

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Nov 12 2023 01:13am

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Small Charm 7mf/5@

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Nov 12 2023 01:56am
Quote (Supabad6 @ 12 Nov 2023 09:16)
Small Charm 7mf/5@


dude that charm sells for 500+...
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Nov 12 2023 03:14am
Druid Elemental skiller +37 life monster
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Nov 12 2023 03:48am
Spirit Monarch 35fcr 146def

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Nov 12 2023 05:33am
5os Eth Colossus Sword for Pul? dont have fg
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Nov 12 2023 05:33am
Quote (elesdi @ 12 Nov 2023 13:33)
5os Eth Colossus Sword for Pul? dont have fg

no ty.. thats BiS barb death base
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Nov 12 2023 05:38am
what You need in runes?
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Nov 12 2023 05:41am
10xko vs 30fg
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