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Jul 16 2023 05:01pm
Has anyone encountered a bug where you activate a greater rift of a similar level to one you already steamrolled and suddenly none of the monsters are dying? I'm not referring to going up to a level that I can't handle. Just none, absolutely none of the mobs are dying. Not normal mobs that aren't elite. There's definitely some kind of bug going on. My sheet damage shows 2.5 million and the monsters in GR105 weren't dying no matter how many times i spun around them using strafe on a demon hunter. Already cleared up to 113 while working on seasonal rite feature so none of this makes sense.

First time I've seen this particular bug, but it completely wastes the rift. Not that keys are difficult to acquire.

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Aug 6 2023 06:30pm
Did you try equipping a weapon or using a right click skill?
I mean the little movie guy doesn’t make your char do damage.
Additionally, anything that is steamrolled would definitely be flat af.
Good job.
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