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The events system is setup so you create and sign up for events. You can utilize the events system to manage your game attendees and conversations.

My Events Tutorial Video:

All events and services must be created through this events system. All topics posted in the forums regarding events and services will be closed.

To access your events, click the "My Events" link in the upper right corner.

This takes you to a list of events that you are managing and also signed up to attend.

Located in the upper right corner of the events section is a search bar. Typing in a phrase here allows you to quickly locate an event based on the terms you type in. For example, if you wanted to locate events with the phrase "Baal Run", you can type this in and hit the search button, which will find these events for you.

Should you not find the event you're looking for, and/or wish to create an event of your own, you can do so by clicking the "Add New Event" button.

When creating your event, you will need to provide some basic information. For example, if you wanted to create a Diablo II Uber Trist event, you can do so very easily by typing this into the event caption. As you type, the system will try to match what you're typing to make the process as easy as possible. With just a few clicks, you can have your event up and running. Of course, you can type whatever you want for the event -- it doesn't have to be one of the auto-complete entries.

For the event description, you can provide a detailed description of the event, and can also embed images using the built in site editor.

When specifying an event Date, make sure that it occurs somewhere between now and some time in the future to ensure that people can actually attend your event. With the new events system, you can not only create private events, such as birthdays or anniversaries, but you can also create events that people can attend.

If you choose to create a private event, you are choosing to create an event that only you can see and no one can attend.

If you are creating a recurring event, you are creating an event that people may be able to see (unless you mark it as private), but no one can attend. A birthday would be a good example of a recurring event.

If you check the "Allow People to Join This Event" button, you are creating an event that people can join. The system will provide you with an alert indicating that you must abide by the forum rules when creating an event. Also, the system gives you a requirement regarding service events. Specifically, it says that you must provide a specific start and end date if you're creating a service for forum gold type of event, such as leveling or rushing services.

The options next to this button allow you to restrict who can join the event. You can have your event be open to anyone, only your friends, or only your guild members.

If you are allowing people to join, you can also specify whether or not you want to approve attendees. This will allow you full control over who is actually signed up for your event.

The next option is to specify the max # of attendees you're allowing for your event. If you're hosting a Diablo II game, it would be recommended to keep the cap at 8 attendees, as that's the maximum number of players you can have in a game at one time.

Lastly, you can specify what sort of reminders you want to receive. Once you've filled in all of the information, you can create the event by clicking the "Add New Event" button here.

Once you have created the event, you can now access it by clicking the link in your events list. When viewing the event detail page, you can see all of the information about the event, a list of current and pending subscribers, and also all of the comments posted regarding the event.

In addition to the search bar located in the upper right, there is also a "Quick Search" bar of phrases you can use to locate your events. By clicking these, the system performs a search matching the quick search term's value. So by clicking "USWest", the system will perform a search for all events containing the words "USWest".

The system provides you with a few default terms, but adding or editing these is very simple. To do this, click the edit icon located next to the quick search terms.

Once you've clicked this icon, you should see a list of your quick search terms, which you can change or add to as needed. For example, if you wanted to remove a quick search entry, you can do so by clicking the delete icon next to it. If I want to add a new term, you can do so by clicking the "Add New Quick Search" button.

At any time should you wish to view the list of all events in the system, you can click the "All Events" link located in the breadcrumbs menu.

To attend an event hosted by another user, first locate the event that you want to join, and make sure that you meet the restrictions shown. For example, if an event is for "Friends Only", you must be a friend of that member to join or view it. Once you have found an event to join, you can join it by clicking the "Join Event" button. The next step is to indicate what sort of reminders you would like to receive. Once you've selected these, you can click the "Sign Up" button. Now you are marked to attend this event, and can post comments or leave the event at any time.
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