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#1 Aug 12 2012 07:59pm
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Hematoidin Crystals (Hence forth: HC) are agglomerations of erythrocytes which gradually decay and degrade in a surrounding tissue. Life cycle, beginning from erythropoiesis in hemopoietic tissues through stem cells (1 week process occuring in the red bone marrow of large bones) + circulatory span of 110 average days, resulting in 117 days. At the end of the life cycle, the erythrocytes are now senescent and must be removed from through the same circulatory system, via the kidneys (Urine).
However, some of the erythrocytes are not removed properly, become clogged in the bloodstream and sink into the arterial partitions, especially the capillaries surrounding a peripheral tissue, where the blood PSI is relatively low.

Structure & Pigmentation

Most diagnoses have resulted in having HC appear in the orange color, though it has been reported to appear in brown and yellowish pigments as well. The majority of formations resemble the structure of a trapezoid shaped diamond. Preference of formation locale remains undecided, as many findings have shown both intracellular and extracellular groupings of HC without a clear observant agent to provide with concerete evidence as to the reason of preference to be a determining factor. As of today, it is unknown as to whether the majority of an individual's bloodstream will be clogged with HC outside (Plasma) or inside (Cytoplasm) the cellular structure of target macrophages.

Causes of HC

1. Starting from the basic phenomenon of senescence of erythrocytes, which occurs through the release of hemoglobin from within the red blood cell, otherwise known as hemolysis. Unbinding of the iron chain renders the erythrocyte useless and thus begins the process of its removal from the system. Hemolysis is the first and foremost cause for the appearance of HC, and is not subject to change, regardless of one's lifestyle. It occurs in the system of the healthiest living organism, as well as the most neglective one.

2. Hyperemia is the second inadvertent cause of HC, as it is the sudden rise of total blood capacity in the circulatory system (Blood transfusions being the main reason nowadays, following climate changes caused by migrations, such as individuals moving to high mountain areas where the atmosphere is composed of lower oxygen quantity, and more), which may result in pre-senescent erythrocytes to being ridden of in order to sustain hemaostasis.
Passive, active and local hyperemia are all equal causes. Determination of magnitude difference or correlation remains unknown.

3. Venous Thrombosis- Formation of blood clots in peripheral veins causing venous stasis, which is the phenomenon of slow bloodflow in these clotted veins, also causes formation of HC as a large number of erythrocytes are often abundant in such clotted areas as a result of the increased blood pressure brought forth from said thrombocytes. Eventually, the same large number of erythrocytes dies at these areas and continues to clog the arterial pathways further.

4. Inflammations and inflammatory-prone areas- Large bloodflow is constant, hence same occurence as explained in value #3.

5. Hemorrhage- Common term- Bleeding. Massive amounts of thrombocytes are sent to the injured area through the circulatory system and the same process occurs as explained in value #3.

Dangers of High HC Count

One thing remains a constant, proven truth- Everything is bound to be broken and assorted by the body, including thrombocytes and HC. As groups of HC grow a substantial diameter, they automatically become a risk factor. The reason is behind the truth itself- Eventually, the chrysalis formation will detach from the vein partition, be it from an acute blood pressure/PSI occurence (Individual who has never trained before and only recently started, whilst having formed high risk HC during his lifetime, may cause HC detachment by the very activity he is looking to begin, especially if that activity entails cardiovascular training), or from the inability of the partition to withhold the weight of the chrysalis, or other reasons.

The reason for the severity of the HC and the relation to its diameter is rather simple- The HC will travel through the circulatory system until it comes across a smaller pathway. Most small pathways are cerebral capillaries, lymph nodes and pulmonary alveoli (Lung cavities). Clogging either of these groups may cause hazardous effects upon the body, such as suffocation, cardiac arrests, strokes and even instantenous death.

Treatment of HC & Preemptive Actions

The treatment refers to all types of blood clots. Should a blood count test determine the presence of HC presence in high quantities at any given area, consult your physician as to treatments regarding the safe removal of these agglomerations. Known medical treatments are:
1. Heparin injections + LMWH
2. Warfarin pills
For further information, see: http://www.stoptheclot.org/learn_more/blood_clot_treatment.htm

The above explains the approach towards a more aggressive type of HC formations, found majorly in the "Adult" demograph of ages 37-60.
For the younger crowd, HC formation risk factors begin as early as the ages of 14-16. To any and all preemptive measurements, keeping to an active lifestyle is the first and safest method to maintaining a healthy circulatory system. Cardiovascular training is by no means a necessity. However, cardiac stimuli is, and can be achieved through strength training upon its many approaches (Pure strength athletes such as powelifters may be wise to include some sort of endurance inducing training, be it cardiovascular or of the same weight training area, with simply a higher repetition count from time to time).

Sedentary lifestyle individuals are of the highest risk, gradually descending to the smallest demograph section of "Around the clock" construction and all physical labor individuals, which are of a nearly risk free lifestyle, excluding dietary choices as an influencial determining factor (Extreme high quantities in saturated fat food sources may cause a higher blood pressure over time due to LDL sedimentation, triggering the start of process in value #3 of "Causes of HC").
#2 Aug 12 2012 07:59pm
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Quote (Ladsy @ Aug 14 2012 09:31am)
You are jsps greatest troll

The sad part is not how uneducated you are, but how unwilling you are to be.

Refrain from posting in my topics (Albeit posting it was assisted by xGeArz) from this moment on, or you will be dealt with accordingly.
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Quote (Lightman @ Aug 14 2012 08:10am)
The sad part is not how uneducated you are, but how unwilling you are to be.

Refrain from posting in my topics (Albeit posting it was assisted by xGeArz) from this moment on, or you will be dealt with accordingly.

I don't believe you wrote any of this. You like to steal often, which is exactly what you did with all of these articles.
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Quote (7_Deadly_Sins @ Aug 14 2012 03:45pm)
I don't believe you wrote any of this. You like to steal often, which is exactly what you did with all of these articles.

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e: any basis for your claim?

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