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Feb 16 2023 08:43am
So i am currently doing a project where I have to create a text based game I am struggling on the loop for moving from room to room. Is there anyone out there that might be able to help me if I send the dictionary of rooms and direction?
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Feb 16 2023 10:03am
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Feb 17 2023 07:46pm
is great
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Feb 18 2023 12:17am
Quote (DanTravBABY @ Feb 18 2023 02:46am)
^ehmmkay is great

Helped him a bit already :)
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Feb 18 2023 04:54am
Feel free to send it over
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Mar 16 2023 02:20am
Hello this is Gulshan Negi
Well, to implement a loop for moving from room to room in a text-based game, you can follow some steps such as setting the starting room, asking the player for a direction to move, checking if the player can move in that direction, updating the current room if possible, and repeating until the game ends. Based on the dictionary of rooms and directions, you can use conditional statements and loops to implement these steps.
I think it is clear to you now.
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