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Jan 25 2023 10:05am
Quote (Showtim3 @ Jan 25 2023 07:56am)
doing what trusted user said put me in a deeper hole. Feel like he didnt know what he was talking about now my d2 acting up more.

Are you running the game in admins mode?
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Jan 27 2023 09:58am
After you end game.exe in task manager usually have to wait a little evoked. I always gave it at least 24 hours
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Jan 27 2023 10:05am
reset router + pc

try after 10 min

allways work`s for me
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Jan 27 2023 08:59pm
It's a server issue I believe. I have several characters that I can't make a game on, they've been FTJ for over 30 days, I have certain game names that are up 24/7 that don't disappear, and I have a couple cdkeys in use by myself for no reason.
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Jan 27 2023 11:56pm
Quote (Laspo @ 25 Jan 2023 08:05)
Are you running the game in admins mode?

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