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Dec 21 2022 07:11pm
Hey I'm pretty new and very poor.

Trying to decide if I should get cheap polaric devastation or a nice replica emberwake

Here's my guy

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Dec 22 2022 01:13pm
Polarics imo. Also a Berek's Respite to replace the mark of submission will allow you to drop ignite prolife adding a higher damage support and just manually casting ur curse (or using arcanist brand if using 2 curses) on enemies that dont die instantly is fine since you're ignite and not upfront damage.

You could easily swap berek's to Replica Emberwake when you're doing hard bosses that you're able to spam woc on (since you'll have almost no uptime on ur ignites with that ring) but imo being ignite is really nice because of the damage uptime giving you time to dps and dodge at the same time.

If you get the gloves that have ignites spread (super expensive) you can skip the berek's and keep the mark of submission if you cannot be bothered to manually cast.

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