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Dec 13 2022 04:05pm
I don't know what build to choose to start the league on ps4

-venom gyre
Champion explosive arrow ballista (i don't know about rain of splinters , might be hard to get )
-poisonous conconction pathfinder
-righteous fire

Idk which build to choose 😅

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Dec 15 2022 03:58am
im interested aswell

plus are there any good resource sites apart from maxroll?
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Dec 19 2022 10:26pm
I started a righteous fire and its meh for sanctum. You can keep damage up while moving so that is a plus but the damage still isn't enough until late game investment. It's a great build though, and should be recommend to beginners. I mean look https://www.pohx.net/FAQ....

IMO the best is going to be a totem or summon build like summon raging spirits or explosive arrow ballista (i'd go elementalist for more damage since sanctum rewards not getting hit).

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