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Dec 5 2022 06:58am
I’m buying a Nintendo switch today

Need recommendations for good games

Thanks :)
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Dec 5 2022 08:10am
What games are you interested in?

There is a bunch of good games.
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Dec 5 2022 09:59am
Must plays:

Breath of the wild
Mario odyssey
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Dec 5 2022 11:01am
Pokémon arceus was fun
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Dec 6 2022 10:02am
Mario definitely.

All Pokemon games are epic

Zelda definitely if you are human.
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Dec 6 2022 11:03am
Mario kart for sure I also enjoyed marvel ultimate alliance 3

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Dec 6 2022 02:36pm
Mario party if you have family and friends over often, otherwise skip it.
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Dec 7 2022 01:26am
Favorite games I played on the switch this year are Slay the Spire, Monster Sanctuary, and A Short Hike. Lots of indie games feel perfect to play handheld on the switch.
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Dec 7 2022 04:45pm
Got a Switch recently. I like Dauntless (free) but performance is ass. Bought Burnout Paradise for cheap and been loving it, Mario Kart Deluxe 8 is amazing and Xenoblade Chronicles has been a blast
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Jan 2 2023 05:16pm
Super smash bros
Mario party
Donkey Kong
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