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Jun 26 2022 12:18am
Ye, it sounds like the psu has given up. U could give it to a shop to look qt it or try replace the psu yourself. Or just buy a used one.
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Jun 27 2022 04:37am
Quote (Fawkyoxmean @ 24 Jun 2022 12:47)
My Xbox quit working and it makes a faint beep when trying to turn it on. It seems like it gets stronger the longer its plugged in but just doesn't turn on.

I have tried other power cords

95% of the time this happens, its normally the power in your home has nowhere to ground.
Would really recommend bringing it to a neighbors house or local store like wal-mart or bestbuy, and just ask someone to plug it in, and see if it powers on.

( Notice ) Plug the power cable directly into the outlet or flat adapter , AVOID using a power surge protector strip ( 6 Outlets with a orange light )
This can cause the xbox power brick to fail.
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