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Jun 25 2022 06:22am
Quote (WildMike @ Jun 25 2022 07:32am)
Mostly like idea to know how long well will last but maybe better way to show it will be durability (life bar of well) so we will be able to approximately know how log it should last.
With every item dropped well bar will go down.

That sounds great as well
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Jun 25 2022 11:13am
Great idea imo. I vote for yes.

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Jun 26 2022 05:31am
Quote (jlhromeo @ Jun 24 2022 02:05am)
Voted no because I don't want to have the mystery of wondering will this well only take one item and then tap out, or will she be willing to have loads dumped in her before she quits.

I kind of like the mystery. Don't spoil it for me.

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