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Jun 25 2022 03:08pm
Quote (babun1024 @ Jun 25 2022 10:43pm)
Shows "immortal" es sorc in cow level then proceeds to decimate everything with nova in p1. Noob level : "Oh wow!"
Reality, poison dmg bypasses ES completely, successive doll explosions make ES disappear. Extra strong mana burn packs make ES disappear even with mana burn been patched. He lets his merc wear infinity. Having an insight prayer merc and wearing infinity on oneself is much better. Nova sorc sucks in P8 pretty much. Other builds don't have enough points left for ES +TK after synergies. A fire sorc can have crazy dmg even with ES but half of hell is fire immune. Best enemies are dead enemies. Lightning Sorc/Blizz sorc>>>>>> all others in P8.

Your comments are bad for the economy ^^ Let them have fun.. while it lasts :)
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Jun 25 2022 03:11pm
Quote (Ashirgo @ Jun 25 2022 11:08pm)
Your comments are bad for the economy ^^ Let them have fun.. while it lasts :)

Nova is a very fun build, I'm going to make one for key hunting (all 3).
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Jun 25 2022 03:20pm
I died on season start first night nma1.
My group was trying to run too fast on their speed run and ran right by treefist.
Then he one hit ko’d me while I was running to keep up. All the necro skele vanished and I got ko’d.
I lost a lvl 86 drood in a duel.
Those were my only deaths so far.
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Jun 25 2022 03:25pm
Quote (Morholt @ Jun 23 2022 07:34am)
I hink it's "moo-moo clips" on YouTube that puts together clips every week or so of people from different streams when their high lvl chars die. A lot of the deaths make me question how these guys even made it past lvl 90. I suppose leeching in baal games until you're lvl 95 isn't exactly tough.

Lots of people start off getting rushed, baal to 90, then start playing. The gear they have is a joke, or they buy a few items on jsp, but not enough to solo hell. They get lazy in their playing and arnt accustomed to their hot keys
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Jun 25 2022 06:52pm
Day 2 I fuly geared out a hammerdin, minus anni/torch/pcombs.

Enigma, hoto, Maras, 45@35fcr spirit, Arach, Shako, Aldurs boots, trangs gloves, 10fcr dual resist ring. Eth insight, eth treach, Andy’s helm ral’d.

Clearing everything fine, ez as can be, had a dual box with BO barb. 4k life, max block, 125fcr BP, the works.

Do a fun run once I get the enigma on.. since I got teleport now.. start a1 clear Andy, clear pit, clear countess, clear mephy, clear trav.. start clearing chaos.. clear left side, clear de seis, pop venom lords like the chad I am.. insta dead.. my BO had wore off.. I was at 1.8k life and I lost 50k fg… was now broke as a joke… calculating the dollar amount of 50k fg has made me sad laugh myself to sleep until this day.. especially when ber and jah are like 2k fg now… and I could’ve had 10-15 enigmas with that fg… lol.
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Jun 25 2022 07:08pm
Excallibur was attempting normal TP shenanigans in a hell baal run.
The sorc in question was seemingly a non-issue. Only level 54, in a run where nobody knew what was going on.
The sorc however low level as she might be had gear on, better yet she had an Nvme SSD, fastest model on the market.
Excallibur runs forward, but the sorc in question wasn't still loading teleported to the side and casted blizz.
Excalibur never wears a ravenfrost because the only methods where he kills people is where they have no opportunity to strike back.
BO, Resists, Life, Cannot be frozen, are all useless in a normal PK scenario for this man, must kill while they're in the loading screen or run away like a child avoiding a beating.
He casts his WW, it goes too far, he is struck, Oh no! Tries to make it across the border, to safety, alas he is too slow, mentally and because his char is frozen.
His ear falls mere millimeters outside of the safe zone. He didn't expect that glowing girl character to put up such a fight.
In the end Tals Set brought down a PKer who relied on a black screen for his opponent to strike. He was magic found to be lacking in skill.
Nobody saved the ear, not because it had absolutely no value, but because it looked as if it had never been touched by a q-tip.
RIP lvl 97 excalliwho
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Jun 25 2022 09:48pm
Quote (babun1024 @ Jun 25 2022 11:11pm)
Nova is a very fun build, I'm going to make one for key hunting (all 3).

Exactly. I don't play sorc on P8. I have sorc for farming (P3 - 4 max) not for feeding leechers.
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