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Jun 12 2022 04:40pm
Quote (AlakhaiDeMythos @ Jun 12 2022 10:54pm)
Valid points.

Personally im looking for itemization depth.
All the mechanics in d2 with further depth.
Make for more skilled gameplay needed to come anywhere.
Make positioning, timing etc matter.

I hope they make d4 extremely difficult but based on skill and understanding of gameplay and mechanics - not on gear/stats

I know this wont happen to the extent im hoping for considering they cater for 100iq people.
Im still optimistc tho

I honestly hope that you are right and I am wrong. I would love another good diablo game.

For now it looks like this to me ;)
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Jun 12 2022 05:44pm
Quote (Dmitriy @ Jun 12 2022 04:53pm)

hehe xd

lmfao, good one.
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Jun 12 2022 10:54pm
Quote (IMCL85 @ Jun 12 2022 08:48pm)
a lot of hatter here already, but so far from what I see its a day one buy for me. I dont give a rat ass about pay to win, we r on jsp day 1 ladder reset we all enigma+cta. and by the way the reason d3 r soo fucked is not because of pay to win but account bound + no pvp on top of a shit design customized system.

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Jun 12 2022 11:36pm
Quote (VlyssesDvlvoz @ Jun 12 2022 11:40am)
Necro haircut :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

This. Looks absolutely shit.
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Jun 13 2022 05:05pm
Honestly, it does not look too bad.
Looks nothing like D3, so that's a plus.
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Jun 18 2022 02:43pm
what a stupid haircut

this looks absolutely retarded
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Jun 19 2022 07:50am
Looks like a emo kid I went to high school with
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