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Jun 4 2022 06:15pm
Starting with the character, aiming to get most of this sold.

Light Sorc

Full disclosure, some of which im unaware of base stats because of facets.

+36 res hoto
35% fcr 8 mgc absorb spirit monarch
3/6/1 CTA flail
30% fcr spirit monarch
22 maras
soj 1x
133 def Arachnid mesh
10% fcr / 10 CR / 17 FR ring
upped 31/12 vmagi w/ 4/4 light facet
Griffons 21/18 w/ facet unsure of base stats
silkweave boots
5x light skillers 1 has 10% gold find
19/15/5 anni
13/19 sorc torch


Eth Andariels visage w/ 15ias 29 FR jewel
Infinity -55 LR Eth thresher base
Eth sacred armor Fortitude 25 res

For everything above, taking offers and selling as a pack.

Other Stuff

Crescent moon CS base
128 shako w/ ist
non eth andariels visage
Enigma 1246 def AP base
upped perf magefists
136 arachnid mesh
34 res hoto
2/20 52% ed 34 LR w/ um socket paladin coronet
2/6% fcr 3 all res 6% mana regen paladin ammy
14/17 ptorch
5x pcomb skillers w/ random modifiers

No bins set for now, I will be updating this post to keep track of what's sold or not, and might add more items but for now this is a good start.

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Jun 4 2022 06:18pm
wow, my bad wrong section
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Jun 10 2022 06:38pm
whats left
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Jun 21 2022 05:11am
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