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May 31 2022 02:31pm
Best way to kill him with lightning strike berserk? best stats vs him? Im doing t16 maps(not juicy ones) but cant kill him. My -20% chaos res is very bad? xD
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May 31 2022 06:18pm
The fight is basically just a dps and mechanics check, get your dps up to where you can burst him down in a few seconds and watch you tube videos to learn how to kite his attacks.
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Jun 2 2022 08:15pm
Plaguefear is saying it right to most of the game is high dps but it is also knowing the attacks from the bosses. I am sure when you play all or most of the trash you know how they attack and how to avoid it. It is the same with bosses they do the same things over and over but you don't have enough experience generally with bosses because you fight them less often. Just learn to kite the attacks and your good to go with decent dps.
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Aug 4 2022 05:48pm
When you watch YouTube video, make sure you don’t just watch. Pretend you are controlling the character when you need to dodge, and see if you missed any mechanism. Mind simulation works, like in a real fight.
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