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May 24 2022 01:26am
Hello guys,

I need to know your thoughts on this issue here.
To make long story short -> I did a couple of CARBOT INSPIRED signatures ( some were directly requested in the "graphic request" forum section and very specific ).
i also transformed some into d2jsp premade signatures hoping that someone would take them.
I recently started to be attacked both in my PMs and forum TOPICs by some guys saying that i don't have that carbot guy's written permission to copy his style and therefore i should not make any premade signatures that look similar to his work. Aren't most signatures here ( or most forums ) inspired from somewhere? Am i that guilty?

I stopped making carbot style signatures anyway, but i also keep seeing another thing.
Seen his signature today for example. I pm'ed that guy and here is what he said:

This guy is one of many examples of people browsing my premade signatures. photoshoping out the "your name here, please contact me for customization" and using as their own just like that.
if you try to aproach them, some become very aggressive and start threatening you or call you a liar.. " is not your work" , " this is carbot's work ", "this should be free" etc. etc.
Im aware that a bunch of people ripped my signatures or hired someone to erase out the "NAME@D2jsp" part. ill just stop posting premades, since is nothing i can do to prevent this..

On some of these signatures i spent more than 4 hours in making them. I know they are carbot inspired, YES! but work is work and should be apreciated if not rewarded
What you guys honestly think? thank you
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May 24 2022 02:34am
You’re not making $ you’re making FG. It’s not illegal. It might be considered immoral, however it’s just a fan art so I wouldn’t say that.

90% if people here use copyrighted signatures.

My take on it.

GL bro!
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May 24 2022 03:01am
Well at the end it is all Blizzard content somewhat. Even carbot animations does use the characters and story from d2 without being licensed to it by themselve.
It is kinda sarcastic to say you steal something when you obv don't take the original images from carbot but create them on your own in illustrator. Also steal from someone who is actually "stealing" himself and actually doing profit with it from youtube ad revenue.
Therefor I do assist 037 on this I don't see any issue on this either.

if someone is using the artwork you created without your permission make sure to create a ripper accusation:
make sure to provide all required informations aswell as screenshots of the original file.

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May 24 2022 02:08pm
copying someone style is frowned on by some for sure but its definitely not illegal. If it was illegal to make similar styled works then Warhol estate would be worth a trillion dollars off of court cases won

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