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May 17 2022 06:45am
Do people stop grouping/leveling @ 55 for some reason? First time being at 55 and wasn't sure why I would see groups disband at 55. Thanks.
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May 17 2022 07:04am
usually when they are tired and played solo/duo that far ^^
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May 17 2022 07:05am
Haha sounds good. Trying to make sure I didn't miss anything silly in the docs anywhere. Thank you :D
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May 17 2022 06:28pm
I can not speak for other players, but I tend to stop around 55-65 for a couple of reasons.

#1 Waiting for good event where finding items maybe better.
#2 So I can mule over gear using higher level EES items with +7 or more EES.

Mind you, I play all my HC characters. I don't have a main character like I used to play.
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May 17 2022 09:10pm
personally b/c around 55 is where i get tired soloing in 1 sitting and it's a good pausing spot... or is when i start/get 4corners so I slow down lvling and focus more on finding a corner then reset map
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May 18 2022 11:29am
It all depends how well geared everyone is and how long everyone has time.
Usually if people played long they tend to Park char at 55 for another day.
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May 18 2022 02:51pm
55 is also a very good level for mules, seeing they can use any level gear at that point

2ndly it's a very good place to begin solo'ing seeing you get all your drops and level 55-65 in particular are some of the better levels to get good drops

This post was edited by Bigheaded on May 18 2022 02:52pm
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