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May 14 2022 04:20am
I am using now non eth and I need to repair them once a cow run - with eth titans I would have to wait to replenish or they replenish faster?
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May 14 2022 06:19am
I can't answer your question, but I use Lightning Strike mainly so eth Titan's has no problems.

I recommend Lightning Strike especially in cows :)
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May 14 2022 06:23am
They don’t replenish faster. It just seems that way. Because when you repair, you are starting from max quantity. Thus it takes longer to almost run through them
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May 14 2022 04:48pm
Thuderstroke best!!
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May 14 2022 04:52pm
maybe you kill faster with eth titans so you don't throw as many
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May 14 2022 05:04pm
This has been tested and proven. Eth titans replenish at about 1.5 times slower than non-eth titans.
This is countered by having 2 sets of eth titans.
Suggestion would be to only use your charges for large packs (should only need about 2-3 throws if you have most of your gear) then clean up with CS or drag the cows to the next pack.

OR as mentioned before buy yourself another set!
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May 16 2022 03:34am
Lightning Strike is super, especially in cows and Chaos.
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