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May 1 2022 07:52pm

Welcome to the Splitgate thread!

To start things off, let me explain Splitgate a little.

If you enjoy FPS games with fun, strategic movement

that brings a high skill ceiling to a competitive game, then

you should try this free game out!

It offers a first person shooter gameplay similar to Halo, but with movement mechanics like Portal!

There's a very enthusiastic, active developer team that is constantly adding new

updates to the game.

The official Discord for Splitgate is where you can find

all of the developers, moderators, content creators/streamers and players actively discussing

general topics, gameplay, map creator and ranked games

while also being kept up to date with current roadmaps for the game including game updates, community updates and much more!

You can find Splitgate on Steam, Xbox or Playstation.

Please utilize this thread for any game discussions, questions or group finding!

If you plan to swing by, shoot some portals and take out the competition please use my referral code 3TPUI7 to receive 50 SplitCoins!

Group: Member
Posts: 6,993
Joined: Mar 2 2011
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May 2 2022 12:19pm
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Jun 7 2022 06:33pm
I play 👀
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Jun 9 2022 10:12am
Hard to continue playing when I get sandbagged by console players in diamond who are barely plat 1-3, while enemy team gets 3 pc players.
As soon as crossplay is able to be disabled continue the grind for top 50.

still casually play, but the motivation to top 50 just aint there, even though it would be easy if i found a solid team.

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