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Jul 20 2022 07:50am
Quote (kayko @ Jul 19 2022 08:14pm)

The D3 mechanics prevents it from being a good game, regardless of skills / stats distribution.

Everybody can have a different opinion, of course.

That's a fair point. Diablo 1 was nothing but a very early soul game, like Dark Souls 3. The butcher was like Index Gundir etc.

If you change DS3 point of view to top-up, it would be a good candidate for D3 even D4.

D3 and D4 were made to be non-violent, non-upsetting, and MMO style. A story telling abra-cadabra that brought Cineplex into your gameplay making it less interactive.
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Aug 11 2022 05:33am
Interesting thread, even if we’ve heard it all before there are some fruitful perspectives. I think it’s clear D4 will continue mistakes made in D3 and OP already explained why. D3/4 is top-down-designed horse shit, the creative potential was dead on arrival, constrained to “It will have this and this” etc. etc. will always lead to bland equitable results, and it happens to a lot of modern games.

We’re lucky to have games like D2 where the developers had fun making them. Using the opposite approach, a bottom-up design leaving the end results of play ambiguous and in the player’s hands.

Lucky to have game studios like From Software who honestly have taken the torch from the old days and have made modern masterpieces. Dark Souls is in a lot of ways a Diablo game. If Blizzard still operated like a company making fun games, their results would look more like From’s. Experimenting and pushing into different genre or mechanics or camera angle or, ffs anything different

Blizzard seem obsessed with recapturing Diablo but have not demonstrated a fundamental understanding of what that means. So we get superficial results instead.

Wish I could remember where I read this, but some previous employees have described various internal iterations of Diablo projects in the 2010s that were ultimately cancelled. One such iteration was a 3rd person action rpg with horror elements and I can’t for the life of me understand why they axed it.

Anyway back to playing d2r and souls games
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